Stealth Build
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Build summary An all-around Stealth Build for fun invasions
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 58

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20 | 18
Will/Intelligence 14 | 10
Endurance 20 | 19
Strength 18 | 15
Dexterity 40 | 50
Magic ** | **
Faith ** | **
Luck ** | **
Recommended equipment

Note: This is not a serious PvP build, but rather a stealth build designed to invade at low SL's. Hence, the low SL.


Right Hand Primary

  • Fatal Estoc+5 - A deadly weapon for this build, will OHKO nearly every host you encounter at this SL.
  • Fatal Secret Dagger+5 - Same as the former. I have not played around with it much, so I am not positive as to whether it has some advantage over Estoc to compensate for its lack of range.
  • Fatal Winged Spear+5 - Longer reach and PL-capable, while still dishing out ungodly BS damage.
  • Northern Regalia - How could we forget? This is mandatory to have in your arsenal, since frankly, it is the best BSing tool you have in PW or BT CT.

Right Hand Secondary

  • Sharp Estoc+5 It hits much harder per hit than its Fatal counterpart, but BS damage is not as devastatingly high. Can be buffed with SWS.
  • Sharp Secret Dagger+5 - Same as above.
  • Sharp Winged Spear+5 - Same as above.
  • Sharp Uchigatana+5 - Wicked damage when buffed or unbuffed, PL-capable. Worth considering.
  • Sharp Kilij+5 - Your spam weapon. Not ideal for BS.
  • Sharp War Scythe+5 - Your backup spam weapon. Not ideal for BS either.
  • Sharp Spiked Shield+5 - For laughs. Only use when confronted head-on as it is incapable of BS.
  • Sticky Compound Long Bow+5 - Great for close-range sniping. Not so great when the enemy has a shield.
  • White Bow+5 - Since it will deal more damage than the former at longer distances, it is nice for PvE, but you will find it rarely the better choice over Sticky Compound Long Bow+5 in PvP (except in open areas like 1-3, 5-2, etc.)
  • Large Sword of Moonlight+5 - Blocks 80% Magic Damage, so your most valuable asset against a Mage. Not so much against anything else.
  • Baby's Nail+5 - Very useful. Since it inflicts Plague, you will constantly be able to tell where your enemies are by their Life Bar. Not only that, but it impedes Stamina regen, so in a chase, your opponents will have an extra hard time catching you. To top it off, most players at this SL will not carry around 99 Dark Moon Grass and Widow's Lotus, so this strategy is plausible.
  • Stormruler - This is your Second Chance. To become invisible again that is. The Knockback is very helpful to stall opponents for the few seconds it will take you to make a getaway.

Left Hand Primary

  • Dark Knight's Shield+5 - Not as great as the Dark Silver Shield, or even LSoM at blocking Magic, but unlike DSS, it has no giveaway aura, and it has high Guard Break Reduction unlike LSoM. This makes it ideal for blocking against weapons that deal Magic Damage.
  • Knight's Shield+10 - Whip it out if you see your enemies using purely Physical Damage. Quite helpful.
  • Sharp Uchigatana+5 - Quite fun to PL people off a cliff, or just into oblivion. Very few players at this SL know the escape method, making it all the more deadly. Have fun using it.
  • Morion Blade - Nice to keep ToB out and switch to Morion Blade right before you BS someone if you are at the 30% HP Threshold. This minimizes the chances of people seeing your aura until it is too late. Got the idea from Astrichthyes' Stealth build. :P

Left Hand Secondary

  • Silver Catalyst - Great for casting spells, I suppose a Wooden Catalyst would work early on, but the increased MP really helps when you need to recast Cloak or Cloud spam.
Recommended spells/miracles

Spells and Miracles


  • Cloak - This is as valuable to you as Second Chance is to your enemy. Try to always keep it active.
  • Poison Cloud - Can stack with Plague from Baby's Nail. Mainly just for tagging your opponents or giving yourself some cover to recast Cloak, Spice, or run.


…Are you kidding?

Will be filling out the rest of this build over the next few days. I will add Gameplay Progression, Stat Justification, Setups, Pros and Cons, and How to Use Stealth. Feel free to comment or ask questions about what I have done so far, no voting yet please.

Gameplay tips and progression


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