Classic Conan Warrior
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Build summary 2-Hand The Bastard Sword
Recommended starting class(es) Knight, Temple Knight, Barbarian
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 28
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 30
Strength 32
Dexterity 17
Magic 15
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Weapons: RH1: +5 Crushing Bastard Sword
RH2: Doesn't Matter!!
LH1: +5 Dark Spike Shield or +5 Dark Silver Shield
LH2: Bow, Catalyst or Of Your Suit!

Armor: All Up To You!!

Rings: Body: Eternal Warrior Ring
Ring of Great Strength

Soul: Cling Ring
Ring of Avarice

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Light Weapon- Helps add to the Damage of your Crushing weapon
Soul Ray- To take out far range Enemies i.e. Blue Dragon, or PvP
Anti-Magic Field- Self- Explanatory!!

Gameplay tips and progression

Simple: 1.)Go and Beat the tutorial, yes that means defeat the Vanguard and collect everything before you get to the Nexus.
2.) Beat World 1-1 and try to do that without getting yourself killed, mauled or turned to crisp!
3.) Advance to World 4-1 and collect yourself the Crescent Falchion +1
4.) Complete World 2-1, and 2-2
5.) Use your CF+1 to farm Greystone to eventually create a Crushing Bastard Sword +5
6.) Obtain Total Victory through Whatever Means Necessary…That Doesn't include kicking another man in the gonads!!!!
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