Demon Mage
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Build summary A very threatening build if mastered; Based on higher-level PvE
Recommended starting class(es) Magician, Royalty, Thief
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 35
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance 30
Strength 26
Dexterity **
Magic 70 or as high as possible
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Helmet: Monk's Head Collar
Torso: Gloom Armor
Arms: Gloom Gauntlets
Legs: Gloom Leggings

Right hand 1: Moon Great Sword
Right hand 2: Kris Blade
Left hand 1: Insanity Catalyst
Left hand 2: Dark Silver Shield (to even out your low magic defense)

Ring slot 1: Ring of Great Strength (enables you to roll quickly while wearing heavy armor and weapons)
Ring slot 2: Ring of Magical Sharpness

Recommended spells/miracles

Homing Soul Arrow


Soul Ray


Gameplay tips and progression

Easiest character class to begin this build with is the thief because of his/her dagger and it's powered back-stabs. Upon starting a new game, and looting all of the npcs you kill, keep all of the firebombs you collect and/or buy firebombs from the merchant in 1-1. Kill everything and equip the cling ring from the bottom of the stairs with the lever. Once you have at-least 10 firebombs, have killed "Ostrava of Boletaria", looted the mausoleum key from him, and have picked up the thief's ring you may proceed to the red eye knight in 1-1. Equip the thief's ring and use the firebombs on and run away appropriately from the red eye knight as it can kill you relatively easily. Is it dead yet? Yes??! GRRRRRREAT! your half way there. Now open the door to the mausoleum and lure Old King Doran out the best way possible. DO NOT! attempt to fight him toe-to-toe as one quick swipe of his blade is more than enough to kill you. No, instead just lure him out enough and run so he cant get to you. Upon him walking back into the mausoleum quickly backstab him and quickly run away. (Repeat the lure process until he's dead) Upon completion, you have 27,000 souls, old king doran's armor, eternal warriors ring, and demonbrandt before you've even fought the first demon. Divide those souls into vitality, intelligence, and magic; most into magic. After defeating Phalanx and returning to the nexus, jump to the tower of Latria. Save Sage Freke and kill the first demon. Use the demon Idol's soul to create soul ray back in the nexus. This is your main arsenal until you get a curved sword or your ultimate weapon… Great sword and homing soul arrow.


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