low level katana
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Build summary 3 variations for lower lvl invade/helping (65 - 85)
Recommended starting class(es) temple knight
Recommended Soul Level 65-85

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50 / 40 / 30
Will/Intelligence 15 / 15 / 18
Endurance 40 / 30 / 30
Strength 18 / 18 / 18
Dexterity 13 / 13 / 30
Magic 06 / 06 / 06
Faith 16 / 16 / 16
Luck 07 / 07 / 07
Recommended equipment

1st and 2nd variation (vit 50, lvl 85 + vit 40, lvl 65):

RH1: Makoto +5
RH2: moon uchi +5 (for warding or shield users)
LH1: Adjudicator shield +5 (nullifies the hp drain from makoto)
LH2: Talisman of Beasts

3rd variation:

RH1: sharp uchi +5 (or hiltless +5 if you can't get a pure bladestone)
RH2: moon uchi +5 (for warding or shield users)
LH1: Adjudicator shield +5 or Dark silver shield +5
LH2: Talisman of Beasts



Binded armor set (or king's armor set if endurance is 40)


Body: Eternal warrior's ring + Regenerator's ring or ring of magical dullness
soul: cling ring + foe's/friend's ring

Old spice
Dark moon grass
Augite of guidance (looks nice when you lay 1 down as you kill someone)
Ed's grindstone (katana's are fragile)

Recommended spells/miracles

1st and 2nd variation (vit 50, lvl 85 + vit 40, lvl 65)

2nd change + Warding (comes in handy when 2nd change brakes or when you meet a cursed weapon user, especially against a cursed DBS)

3rd variation (vit 30, lvl 75)

2nd change + cursed weapon

Gameplay tips and progression

3 Variations of a katana user in the lower lvl region. Now why do i invade low level? Because the 3 vs 1 fights are so fun, especially when the host runs back for blues.

First of all. Why makoto? Why not moon uchi? It does more damage…
Well, that's not true. The listed damage is higer than makoto, but the actual damage is lower. Moon uchi does both physical and magic damage, so the damage is reduced by the players physical AND magic defence.
Makoto is 100% physical, so the actual damage is higher. When i'm a bp, i hit with 450+ damage sometimes.
Makoto has a 1% / 2 sec HP drain. So with vit 50, you have 1500hp in bodyform. That means every 2 sec it drains 15 hp. That's why you use Adjudicator shield +5. It has a 8 HP/s regen, so the drain is nullified (You'll actually get 1 hp / 2 sec).

Backup weapon: Moon uchi. Makoto does more damage (+/- 100 extra, depending on players magic defence), but it's pure physical. So warding reduces it's damage for the full 75%. Here's where a moon uchi comes in handy. Warding doesn't work against magic (or fire), so the damage is way higer than a Makoto when someone uses warding.
It also works against shields. Most of them have low magic defence.
Watch out for a Dark Silver Shield. You could use a Dragon Mirdan Hammer, but it's pretty lame to R1 spam yourself to victory.

How to start:

What you want is to learn magic without magic 10. So upgrade only vitality to the max (50, 40 or 30) and magic to 10. Finish the entire game like this (except the final boss), learn every magic and miracle, then delevel magic back to 6 by invading, then use white stone to exit. (Note: vitality never delevels, that's why you can upgrade it)

Well, almost everybody knows about the Thomas dupe glitch, so i recommend using that glitch for a fast character build.
Start with temple knight, finish 1-1. Go to 2-1, get every type of upgrade stone, dupe them and upgrade halberd to +9. Also dupe sticky white stuff.
Finish 1-2, get the compound short bow there. Upgrade bow to sticky + 4 and finish 2-1.
Get the 2 pure stones in 2-2 and dupe them to upgrade halberd to +10.
Finish 2-2, flamelurker shouldn't be a problem anymore with halberd +10 and sticky white stuff.

Go to 4-1, get the uchi and adjudicator's shield, finish 4-1 and return to the nexus. World 4 should be pure white. Get makoto in 4-2, exit and go to 2-3.
Finish 2-3 (1 running R1 with makoto/uchi will destoy the stones) and upgrade halberd to dragon +5.

The rest shouldn't be a problem anymore with dragon halberd +5 and adjudicator's shield +5 and vitality at least 30. Finish the remaining levels. Get every weapon/armor/consumeble/ring. Learn every magic/miracle. Delevel magic back to 6 and upgrade the stats how you want.

Why 3 variations?

Well. The lvl 85 is in my opinion the best character

cons: The problem is, you can end up with 2 very good blues with lvl 120. You're never gonna win that. Unless they fight you 1 at a time.
pros: High hp, 1000+ in soulform, highest stamina.

lvl 65:
cons: a little less hp and stamina, but still a very good character
pros: no 120 pvp-ers as blues

lvl 75:
cons: low hp. A backstab from a makoto, NR or DBS will kill you in 1 hit.
pros: very high damage, sometimes 650+, will kill most blues in 1 or 2 hits.

And what's also good about it, it's a good base for a 120 pvp fighter. So if you're done invading the lower level region, the lvl 75 can easily changed to a 120 dex character and the other 2 in almost every build, like faith, dex, str, bbs, spellsword.


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