Low Level Northern Regalia
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Build summary A low level build designed for invasion.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 60-80

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 35 - 55
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 25
Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Magic 12
Faith 12
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Left hand:

  • Dark Silver Shield +5
  • Adjuticator's Shield +5

Right hand:

  • Northern Regalia
  • Talisman of Beasts


  • Cling Ring
  • Foe's Ring
  • Ring of Devout Prayer


  • Black Leather


  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Old Spice
  • Black Eye Stone
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Second Chance
  • Warding
Gameplay tips and progression

Explanation of the stats:

  • Vitality: the higher the better
  • Intelligence: 15 is enough to cast Second Chance once, or Warding twice
  • Endurance: at 25, you can do 2H R1 R2 and still have enough endurance to roll away
  • Strength: at 20, you can one hand the Northern Regalia
  • Dexterity: minimum needed for the Northern Regalia
  • Magic: minimum needed for the Northern Regalia
  • Faith: minimum needed for the Northern Regalia.
    • But, wait, you need 16 Faith to cast the Second Chance! That is because you need the extra Faith slot. Here's where the Ring of Devout Prayer comes in handy. Wear it to cast Second Chance, then swap it out for the Foe's Ring.
      • This is similar to using the Silver Catalyst and Silver Coronet to allow you to cast SC with only 11 Int. But, that will limit you here, since Warding is part of the build. This way, you only need to swap rings (instead of helmet and weapons) and you get 2 Warding casts.


  • The 4 slots you saved on Faith can be put into Vitality. This is critical when doing low level PvP. Every stat is precious.
  • The minimum stat requirements for the Northern Regalia means more can be put toward Vitality. This gives you an advantage.
  • The Northern Regalia's AR is 540, with pure black character tendency. It doesn't need to be buffed. It's back stab is insane, and it's parry is insane x 2. Enough for a One hit kill in most cases.
  • Has both Second Chance and Warding. Once your Second Chance is cracked, you can use Warding, twice before respicing. At this soul level, you have a distinct advantage. Most will have Warding, some will have Second Chance. Very few will have both.
  • Second Chance is great for not getting dead. Warding is great, especially against Cursed Weapons
  • Once you swap rings, your Second Chance is gone, leaving Warding in your spell slot. You don't need to move anything during the fight. Not a big deal, but kinda convenient.


  • Swapping the rings is a PITA. Once you get the routine down, it goes quickly.
  • After every fight, you have to go back to the Nexus, swap rings, and remember Second Chance. Again, a PITA.
  • No recasting Second Chance. This doesn't bother me, since I normally don't recast.
  • Warding does not protect you from magic damage. So, light weapons, blessed weapons, moon/crescent weapons, Large Sword of Moonlight, Northern Regalias, etc, all have Magic damage.

In order to expedite things, use the Thomas Dupe. If you don't know it, search for it on YouTube.

On to gameplay

  • 1-1
    • Collect the Soldier's souls, Fire Bombs, Old Spice, and Jade Hair Ornament.
    • Save Ostrava, get the Hardstone Shard protected by the Dredgling Horde.
    • Get the Shard of the Archstone and Full Moon Grass at the Dragon's nest.
    • Get the Flame Dragon attacking the bridge, then get the Renowned Soldier's soul.
    • Distract the Flame Dragon and run back to get the Ring of Great Strength. You'll die here.
    • At the Nexus, dupe the Spice, Grass, Archstone Shards, Fire Bombs, and the Hardstone shards. Use the soldier's souls, then upgrade your Long Sword to level 3.
    • Go back and get your souls at the Dragon's Nest.
    • Fight the Phalynx. I just go up to him and toss Fire Bombs until he is dead.
  • Talk to the Monumental, get the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (dupe it), open up the Archstones, get the Sticky White stuff in 2-1 and dupe it.
  • 1-2
    • Get the Wooden Catalyst.
    • Talk to Ostrava and get your Dark Moon Grass.
    • Get the Claymore, requires 6,000 souls, so plan it out or Dupe the Lead Demon's Soul for the extra souls.
    • Kill the Crystal Lizard before the Tower Knight. Reload and kill it again. You should get a Large Hardstone Shard; sometimes you'll get a Chunk of Hardstone.
  • Dupe your Hardstones. Upgrade your Long Sword and Claymore to +6 or +9 (if you get the Chunk).
  • Dupe the Dark Moon Grass.
  • 4-1
    • Get the Talisman of Gods, Soul Remains, Crescent Falchion +1, and Adjuticator's Shield
    • Trade your Talisman of Gods to Sparkly for a Colorless Demon's Soul. Reload and get the soul.
    • Get the Regenerator's Ring on your way to the Adjuticator.
  • Dupe the Swollen Demon's Souls and upgrade your build how you see fit. Make sure to get your Strength to 20.
  • 3-1
    • Get the Black Leather Armor.
    • Rescue Freke.
  • Get Warding from Freke (Iron Demon's soul).
  • 2-1
    • Get the Steel Shield, Meltstone, and Dragonstone shard.
  • 2-2
    • Kill the Club Black Phantoms (get the chunk Dragonstone).
    • Kill the Crystal Lizards, reload and do it again. You should get a chunk of Hardstone here (if you haven't gotten it already). Get the pure Hardstone here too.
    • Upgrade the Claymore and Steel Shield to +10.
    • Use the Steel Shield and Claymore on the Flame Lurker, makes short work on him.
  • 2-3
    • Get the pure Dragonstone here.
  • Dupe all necessary items.
  • Go to Blacksmith Ed, upgrade your Long Sword and Claymore to Dragon +5, Adjuticator +5.
  • On to world 5. Keep pure white world tendency. Play in soul form, if you have to.
  • 5-1
    • Just do it.
  • 5-2
    • Get the Mirdan Hammer, unlock the shortcut, and upgrade it to Dragon +5, if you want. It will make the boss fight go very quick.
  • 5-3
    • Use the Dragon Mirdan on Garl Vinland.
    • Get the Dark Silver Shield.
    • Reload and kill Black Phantom Garl. Get the Crest of Vinland.
    • Trade it to Selen for the Ring of Devout Prayer.
  • Upgrade Dark Silver Shield to +5.
  • 4-2
    • Rescue Urbain and beat Old Hero.
  • Get Second Chance.
  • 3-2
    • Free Yurt.
  • 3-3.
  • Kill Yurt.
  • Kill Sege's apprentice, Acolyte of God, Worshiper of God, and Freke's Apprentice. This will get you to Pure Black Character Tendency. Reload to get Mephistopheles to spawn. Do her tasks. You'll be doing 1-3 at the same time, for her quests. This will get you a Talisman of Beasts and Foe's Ring.
  • Doran - don't need to kill him. Just get his health down far enough to get the Demonbrandt.
  • Finish the rest of the worlds.
  • Kill Allant, get the Soulbrandt. Use a shard to return to the Nexus, go to 2-1 and upgrade it to the Northern Regalia.
  • Kill the Maiden.
  • Finish 1-1 and 1-2 in NG+, unlock the Archtones.
  • Now, you're ready to invade.

PvP Strategy

  • Backstab is a one hit kill, in 90% of the cases. Very few people that I fought at soul level 60 had Second Chance. Use this as your bread and butter technique.
  • Parry/Riposte when you get the chance.
  • Don't spam backstabs. Your strategy will become obviouis, and they will make it more difficult for you. Some people will bait you into a backstab, then punish you for it.
  • In many invasions, there will be blue phantoms here. If you kill the host, the fight will be over.
    • You need to be flexible here. Sometimes, it is better to kill one or two of the blue phantoms first.
      • Adjust your strategy based on their strategy.
        • Are they trying to surround you, are the blues rushing you, guarding the host, is the host disappearing, or hiding, etc.
      • If the blues have a more powerful weapon (Northern Regalia, Enchanted Blue Blood Sword, Dragon Bone Smasher, etc), then focus your attention on them.
      • If they surround you, change to 2 Hands, and do rolling R1.
      • If the host disappears, or they seem to be baiting you, move away to a safer spot, watch your back.
      • If a blue phantom is more skilled, backstab him first.
      • If a host is less skilled, rush him first and try to kill him quickly.
    • Listen. One time, a host distracted me, and I heard the sound of Warding behind me. I rolled away quickly, and just missed a backstab from a blue phantom. Also listen for weapon enchanting.
  • Hunting the hosts can be fun.
    • Walk (don't run) to conserve stamina.
    • Hold your shield up.
    • Look for ambush spots and adjust the camera, or roll quickly through them.
    • Watch your back, frequently rotate the camera behind you.
    • Look for enemy's health bars appearing. The size and location will help you know where the host is.
    • Look for shortcuts being open. Go to them and see if the enemies are killed or not. If the enemies are not killed, then they haven't gone this way yet. Continue the long way.
    • Look for Auras.
    • Anticipate spots where they will ambush you, or set up an arena to fight. It is hard for them to fight with other enemies around, so think through the level and imagine good ambush spots or arenas. They will have to clear the area (look for the health bars), especially with long distance projectile enemies. Keep that in mind. Try to think like them; what would you do/where would you go if you were invaded?

General Notes

  • My strategy is fairly basic. Use the Dark Silver Shield and Northern Regalia. R1, Roll R1, and R1-R2 are my attacks. Get a Backstab in any time you can - it will almost always kill them. Use the Shield to parry. Alternatively, you can 2H it with the Adjuticator's shield. It is faster than 1H, with the same power. Same attacks as 1H.
  • I tried this at SL 40, and I felt it was way overpowered, compared to the weapons people have.
  • At SL 60, I am now facing Northern Regalias and Dursed Dragon Bone Smashers. I feel this is more fair, as it is reasonable to beat the game at SL of 60 and get a Northern Regalia. They still die quickly. But, many have blues helping, so it makes for a fun fight. I may increase it to SL 80, if I keep winning easily. Backstab is almost a guaranteed One Hit Kill.
  • At this Soul Level, I can consistently invade 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, and 4-1. I haven't tried 3-1 (Old Monk Summoning), or any other X-2 levels (I haven't completed any other X-1 levels).
  • Make sure you stay in Pure Black Character Tendency. If you only invade (and not coop), this won't be a problem.
  • If you lose Pure White World Tendency in 5, or if you want Second Chance earlier, then do 4-2, learn Second Chance, then kill Urbain.
    • As noted below, I have had a problem with Mephistopheles. Sometimes, she hasn't given me a Foe's ring. Because of this, I kill as few of her quests as I can before I talk to her. I know you can kill Ostrava and still be fine.
  • If you have suggestions for this build, or alternate stats, let me know.

Alternate stat spread

  • 41-61/15/25/14/14/12/12/7 - 2H the NR only, no Dark Silver Shield. Use the Adjuticator's Shield on your back instead.


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