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Build summary A build that uses powerful magic melee weapons, a touch of strong fire damage, along with the mighty NR as your main handed weapon.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 36
Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Magic 45
Faith 18
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Some cool combo's that go well together(just make sure always under 50% equip burden!)Mix and Match. Sometimes mixing up armor from different sets gives you more defense in all key four areas of damage-blunt/normal/piercing/slashing, than just wearing one set of armor.

Males Armor:
Head Pieces: Silver Coronet/Venerable Hood/Assassin's
Chest: Old Doran's, Black Leather, Shamans, Chain Mail, Dark Silver
Arm pieces: Dark Silver(goes well with Black Leather), Old Doran's, Shaman's, Chain gloves
Leg pieces-Dark Silver, Shaman's, Black Leather, Hard Leather Boots, Old doran's

I apologize to everyone if I am off on female armor. I usually am a male character, hence not too familiar with all the various sets of armor. If I messed up in past post/builds with this, I apologize…

Females Armors various sets that can go well together:
head-Silver Coronet, Three cornered Hat, Dull head piece, Binded,Assassins
Chest: Rogues, Black Leather, Binded, Old Ragged(high plague defense)
Arms: Rogues, Black Leather, Binded, Dulls, Bracelets, Old Ragged
Legs-black Leather, Binded, Rogue, Old Ragged

Two main set ups I recommend:
Right Hand main weapon-Norther Regalia
Backup-Crescent Estoc(great for backstabs, decent poke damage. If you are looking more for just hard hitting normal, or critical hits, weapons such as Moon/Crescent Kilij, Moon War Scythe/Mirdan Hammer(these two weapons does same damage or Moon Winged Spear are all good backup weapons alongside the NR.
If you decide you want to further increase your spell damage, use catalyst(Kris blade+5) as a backup.

Left Hand Slots:

Shield-DSS+5(great against magic based melee weapons, Soul Ray, HSA. Blocks some fire based spells, dragon weapons.blessed upgraded weapons, and decreases overall magic damage you take in.

Knights(great for blocking physical damage weapons. Both DSS and Knight's are two top shields I recommend overall. Both can parry.

Heater Shield-Tiny, but can parry. Only use against fire casting mags'.

Adjudicators-Only recommend if in body form! While not a fan to tell you the truth of using regen equipment with non-faith builds, should you be in body form, equiped regen ring, two handing a weapon like the NR could be worth using this shield. I wouldn't use in phantom form since the shield itself, not using any other regeneratino equipment will not save you a sliver of health:)

Second Left Hand Slot(should always be used with this set up and one below!-TOB(casting spell) With 15 intelligence only, decided to boost faith to 18 in order to effectively deal damage using the TOB. Not as strong as Ikat, but still can do incredible spell damage, especially when in phantom form. It is why I recommend using this build either as blue or black(invader) or red(red stone) The great thing about foe's or friends is it has the same spell damage as ring of magical sharpness without having to lose magic defense in return. This is why these caliber of builds, while they can be used in body form and stil lbe great, are truly exceptional in soul form.

Going from Left slots to Right: Shield/TOB/NR/Kris Blade, or moon upgraded weapon

Second Setup:

Main Righ Hand Weapon-As mentioned above, the NR
backup-Want a fast swinging weapon: One of the following: Crescent Estoc, Crescent Daggar, Crescent or moon Kilij or Uchi(if using uchi, wear very light armor(Shaman's) so you do not go above equip burden.

Left Hand Weapon: Uchii(moon or crescent flavor-With 45 in magic stat, only time I would recommend definitely using a moon upgraded uchi is against faith builds. Against most other builds, while moon may still slightly have a bit of an advantage in terms of overall damage, crescent is still a viable option to choose from. Mixing it up, having a moon in your right, with a crescent to go in your left hand can be a great combo. The other options I mentioned above(crescent dag, Estoc) is because you need a fast right hand weapon, IMO to be in sync with the fast swing of the left hand Uchi you're using.

Second Left Hand Slot-As mentioned above, the TOB.

As with the first setup, going from left to right:
Uchi/TOB/NR/Choice of moon or crescent weapon

Only difference between the two setups is one uses a shield, which allows for both passive(a bit of turtling using shield and poking while playing aggressively too) versus a non-shield based setup, using uchiganta as your main left hand weapon.

Body Form: Eternal, Ring of Magical Sharpness, Fire resistance, Ring of Plague, Regen(if equipping adjudicator shield on back)

Body Form playing levels PVE or co-op play- Clever/Dulls(great using Morion against the blue dragon before King Allant, or in 1-2 fighting the red dragon, with Morion on back using white arrows and compound bow +10.
Dull's rats using ring of fire resistance is a great combo if you have problems getting past 1-4 dragon up the stairs that leads to King Allants area.

Soul Form:
As Invader(black Phantom) or if using red stone- Foe's/Cling
Blue Phantom; Friends/Cling
PVE soul form-Thiefs/Ring of Magical Sharpness with Cling

Recommended spells/miracles

With 15 Intelligence(2 spell slots)
Fireball-Perfect long, mid, and short distance spell that can interrupt an opponents attack, temporarily stun them giving you time to recast, or attack with a nice NR backstab or fast swing from the left or right hand weapons.
If you feel you want to switch it up occasionally, or ya know, come across a nice looking troll, switch to firespray/poison or acid cloud. Both only take up one slot each.

Miracles-(2 slots) One and only(have at all times) miracle Second Chance.

Gameplay tips and progression

Any questions, always will get back to you and answer as best I can.
Thanks for reading,


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