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Build summary faith magic
Recommended starting class(es) roytal
Recommended Soul Level 125-135

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality **45-50
Will/Intelligence **18-20
Endurance **38-40
Strength **14
Dexterity **13
Magic **20-32
Faith **50
Luck **7
Recommended equipment
  • Equip A-great strenth ring eteral warrier ring and blessed miradian hammer blessed knight sworad ajuster shield knight shield what ever u noralmal use just make sure ur faith is 20 then get pure faint stone from the girl on the faith side u can do this in the begging of the game what makes this build so cool go through 5-1 to get shard of faint then 5-2 to meat cleaver chick kill her 4 the chunks of faint then 2-1 2-2 to get ed and red hot soul to up grade ur shield and hammer and i 4got the kris blade ounce u get ur wepon 2 5 and ur kris blade and ajuster shield 2 5 its perrty much a walk in the park far aas the game gos then beat all of 3 2 invade someone 2 get monk wrap with the bleesed wepons and kris blade and monk wrap andd magic sharpness ring u can do some major damage in the game and pvp ooo and get the tails man of beast in 2-2 pure black with these stats and wepons u should b able 2 smash the game and most pvp gl have fun
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Spell A i put intel at 18 4 3 slots and i use fierstorm in pvp and some bosses the king i use homeing soul arrow and soul arrow 2 kill the blue dragon equip the sharpness ring monk wrap and kris blade+5 4 major damage put at 18 yall have 3 slots so try different things gl have fun
Gameplay tips and progression

im thechampet29 on psn so hit me up with questions if u have um


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