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Build summary A pretty funky, creepy build that makes you an ARCHER AND SHARP Blocker
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level Sl125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 25
Strength 14
Dexterity 75
Magic 6
Faith 13
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Armor: Recommended
Males:Head-Vener Hood, Assassins Mask
Chest-Old Doran's, Black Leather, Shamans
Legs: Shamans, Black Leather

Females Head: Silver Coronet, Assassins
Chest:Bind, Black leather, Rogues, Old Ragged
Legs: Black Leather, Rouges, Old Ragged

Weapon set up:
Right Hand Slots: Sharp Spiked Shield, Sticky Compound Bow.
Alternate: While I can go on an on as well as you as to why I am not using curse with this dex build on sharp weapons, the reality is, this build is for the challenge(and fun). to be able to use effectively in PVP against other players, whether there beginning, mediocre, or advanced opponents. I feel DS has taken a turn for the worse, full of FTW hungry trolls, jumpers, users pretending to be honorable, yet having alt PSN to do exactly what they are against.
This is why, the only time I recommend using any upgraded dex weapon, is during a battle, switching your bow to a fatal+5 secret dag or Estoc+5.

Left Hand Slots: Adjudicators Shield, knights +10 or dark Knight's(against magic weapons, spells. For most part, however, I recommend dodging, evading unless you're going in for the blind parry, or block leading into a parry.
Truth is, with this low endurance, most of the time I recommend not blocking, but dodging, knowing when you're at a comfortable distance to whip out the bow, shoot, than go in with the sharp spike shield. Use the Adjudicators if you are not planning to parry, block at all. In actuality, after your warding cast ends, while not a big fan of constantly recasting any miracle or defensive spells using regen miracle however with the adjudicators does at least some HP recovery. It's nowhere near a fulll blown faith machine, but serves it's purpose with this build. An example is many times when looking for the right distance between yourself an opponent to use the bow, aim and shoot, your HP will slightly be recovering. 4-1 is a great place for this build because of what I call its "four corners" Similar to an arena in that most duels(or respectufl honorable ones) take place from the beginning of the archstone to the beginning of the underpass. The four corners are great for archers to take advantage of. You avoid the backstab, allows you to aim while your opponent may not be willing to rush you, giving you time also to heal using the Adjudicators shield. 4-1 is an archers wet dream, haha. Seriously, take advantage of the corners of the so called "arena" when using the bow.

Recommended spells/miracles

miracle;(1 slot at 13)
Talisman Of Beasts for casting Regen Miracle.
The only time you use TOG(talisman of God) over TOB is before you get the TOB.
Since you start off as a Temple Knight, you have a TOG equipped already. if you get the regen miracle from St. Urbain before getting your hands on the TOB(two different ways to do so) use the TOG.
Also, against any troll scrap spear, acid cloud spammers, while you should always have on your equipped in item slot a ton of ed's grindstones, the great thing using a catalyst is that even broken, you can still cast defensive miracles and spells.
I'd still nevertheless, if for some reason you feel like you wanted to switch to a brand new shiny catalyst, buy some TOG's from the filthy woman in 5-1. While the TOG only can cast Regen miracle, I guess somehow it may come in handy?????

Spells: Warding
Catalyst: Wooden/Silver
Only time I recommend using these versus the TOB is before attaining it.
Catalysts on the flipside of the TOG, can cast only spells. For PVP I recommend always casting Warding before Regen Miracle. Since with 13 faith, you do not have Second Chance.

buy tons of TOG's from the filthy lady in valley of defilment. This is important. Reason is because your TOB would be on your left hand slot, not allowing to simply use a grindstone, but having to unequip, than requip on your right hand slot, use the grindstone, than switch back. This will not nor should actually never work against any competent player. While scraping spear/acid bombers aren't what I call respectful players, unfortunately, a very very very very small population of them are good players.
Either way, dont take the chance in having to go through all that. I'm not sure whether you can stil cast t players in any sense of the word, Should you not have Ed's Grindstones equipped in one of your item slots, or feel you can grab a TOG from your equipment faster than having to use the Grinds(Talisman of God) The fact that TOB can cast both spells and miracles is enough to want to eliminate using the TOG. Only time is if you face a scraping spear, that breaks it. This is why I recommend getting plenty of TOG's from the dirty filthy lady in valley of defilement. You'll also start off having a TOG since you are using a temple knight class. Regen miracle. TOB used for casting Regen miracle(no second chance with this build:) While the catalysts allow for warding cast, the TOB can be used for casting both spells and miracles. In the case of this build, regen miracle can be casted using TOB
even if you are planning to use regen miracle, since the TOB can cast both warding, and regen.

Spell(2 slots)-Warding. I recommend always having with you. Other slot a great one to equip with this caliber of build post warding especially against mag that use fire spells or versus dragon weapons-Water Veil.

Gameplay tips and progression

You may be wondering why I'm deciding to go with a bow and spike shield versus buffing up a nicce sharp weapon that can still deal damage with 25 endurance such as the estoc. My reasoning is simply this; Aside from the fact this build I recommend dodging instead of blocking as mentioned, which will require at least some endurance to roll away and use spiked shield along with the compound bow, set of armor while rolling quickly, i am all about unique builds. Which leads me to a slightly off topic but kind of relating to what I'm mentioning:
You may be thinking why not use a R1 spam kilij with curse or any othe sharp weapn insteadof the bow for PVP. My reason is simply because I like to challenge myself. I don't go for the best builds, and best weapons. Most players that started out a year plus ago, having no dupe method provided to them, had to work hard to achieve goals this game used to be all about. The game is now more about FTW culture, who can beat who, withoiut having any background or understanding of the game's environments, enemies, weapons, but rather using any "easy" weapon, ring such as clever and dulls, other builds such as high vit, or crushing using Mirdan Hammer in body form with purple stuff that I never even used when I started playing this game, until completing it for the first time.
Dragon Long Sword was a common weapon that was used throughout NG. To be able to get a dragon long sword +5 took hours after hours at times.
The fact that I love this game, am addicted or I would have quit a long time ago with the increase of players who not necessarily jump, troll, or whatever you call it. What DS has lost aer competant players who you co-op with or fight against for the most part. Beating someone using certain methods such as Kilij R1 Spam with curse is a win. It's not something that feels rewarding to anyone who played this game back when you had no idea what curse or kilij did.
A game that took for some 200-300 hrs to beat, now takes 3,4,5. The feeling of achievement in just speaking to beginning players I can tell isn't there. It's because they didn't have to put themselves in a position where there was no choice to attain a certain spell, boss soul, upgraded stone. Maybe that is a reason why even the trolliest of trolls, grievers of grievers are no longer around. They got fed up with the fact that they couldn't make supertrolls out of these newbies. The game is increasing in ignorant players, some who dont' know better, and have no idea what they are doing is wrong. Others who would have felt what players even a year ago did upon completing a difficult DS task, may now not even consider doing os because they get their items duped easily.
Yet, out of it all, the real ones to blame are the players who claim that they dislike ganging up on, bullying other players, yet use alt PSNs(it's obvious) so they themselves let out their trollness.
Anyways, sorry if I'm venting, but this is how I try to get my points across. If I can get one person to understand the feeling of reward by spending time the old school PVE style way, beatin gthe game, moving into PVP, and starting to understand builds from scratch, I'd be a happy man. The internet is a video games best assets for information, and also it's most dangerous, epidemic.

who honestly disrespect this game even worse than the jumpers and grievers w to beat, now takes 3. Anyone who disagrees with me The fact that many who played this game before the entire dupe method, glitches destroyed the very essense and UNDERSTANDING of what made this game so unique in nature, are those who can relate to what I'm saying.
Unfortunately, someone who used to spend over 300+ hrs believe it or not in finally accomplishing the ultimate goal of defeating the entire game, would be laughed at now by newcomers who never ever even played through the game but rather enjoyed the fruits of labor and kindness that many old school players gave them. I feel I as well spoiled these rotten eggs because the game is now not considered "extremely hared to beat", "impossible but addicted", "sense of achievement and euphoria upon completion", and "takes tons of strategy, attention to detail" as some examples. You won't find those on recent forums or at least conversations between multiple players discussing how incredibly difficult yet rewarding the game is.
Maybe it's that I played PVE first, that my feelings/passion I have for this game is different from others who just let blues beat levels for them. Nowadays, you can just self dupe if you find out through the grapevine which isn' hard to do. Defeats the entire purpose and understanding of what made DS one of the most complex, difficult yet rewarding game of not just thiis generation but the one before.(Turbo graphix, Nintendo,etc..)
:)Hence, my reason I am creating a build like this. If you are a player who likes challenging yourself, maybe you will respect this build. If not, you won't. Hate it, love it, rate it. If you understand the game's mechanics, you may actually think this could be a neat little fun, yet competitive PVP Build.
Once casting warding, you can either unequip or leave in the slot the catalyst, TOB,.

Before judging anyone, whether it be builds on here, in life, understanding another human being, never judge without fully comprehending and feeling you, yourself know the truth.
Any Questions? message me? Want to rate it a negative just because you DON"T LIKE IT? Do so.
Rate it a positive? Thank you:)


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