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Build summary A high vit gouged faith build that uses blessed knight's sword with LSOM as backup. Simple yet challenging PVP build and rewarding to win with
Recommended starting class(es) Priest
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 65
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 35
Strength 16
Dexterity 8
Magic 8
Faith 50
Luck 8
Recommended equipment

Males: Old Doran's, Black Leather, Shamans(good against cursed weapons, IMO it does actually decrease damage taken against duel uchi buffed with curse. A shaman afterall cures, and gets rid of curses:)
Mix and Match using various pieces of Dark Silver, Heavy Leather boot, Brushwood legs(Be aware however, of the stamina penalty by wearing these. Dark Silver has best magic, brushwood physical defense, Heavy Boots (Use with Shamans chest for even better slash defense. Armor with this vitality does matter. In general, I believe armor has been extremely underated.

Females:Bind, Roughes, Black Leather sets.
As always, forgive me as I always play as male character, hence maybe there are other female armor sets that would be good to mix and match? Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Rings:Body form-Eternal, Regen, Ring of Fire Resistance(great ring to use with the ever increasing amount of mags', dragon weapon MH user out there), Ring of Magical Dullness.
If i could, I'd put three extra points towards intelligence, so I could use Water Veil, full Old Doran's, DSS+5, equp ring of magic dullness, ring of fire resistance and cast water veil against these dragon Mirdan Hammer players. Mags who can beat high faith builds using fire spells more likely that not have skills. Dragon morion MH users are the R1 spamming "new players"

Soul Form-
BP Invader-Foes/Cling

On to Weapons:
Main Setup:
left Hand Slot; Adjudicators(while it is useful mainly as throwing on your back, for HP recovery, it still can be used when one handing the sword. Not for blocking, but rather if you are facing for example a common build out there such as the duel uchis, often I forget to roll left or right, rather than backwards. Moving backwards on a running R1 Uchi more likely than not connects.
Better chance in escaping, than using one handing sword for a nice horizontal hit against them.
DSS+5(increases overall magic defense even though it doesn't show up on your magic defense number) Used no back and for blocking magic based weapons(crescent, Moon, blessed) . While it will block some fire damage, if you can escape from blocking, try rolling, or turtling a bit until you get an opening. Turtling doesn't mean to continue putting your shield up, playing passively the entire fight. It means simply blocking, trying to understand where your opps endurance is at, than going in for a nice combo.
Knight's Shield-Most durable out of all, blocks tons of physical damage, and like the DSS, can parry.

Second left hand Slot-TOB((only use if you are fighting those who are trying to feellll realllll good eating that grass, LOL. If not, cast SC, use TOG for casting God's wrath.

On a side note, while I know warding greatly reduces all backstab damage(works wonders against fatal weapons), the one thing I've been trying to figure out is whether equipping the LSOM on your back decreases any backstab damage from magic based weapons, and the dreadful backstab power fo the Northern Regalia. Because it provides defense when used to block aside from bypassing shields, I'm thinking it may be a viable tactic to use. Only issue, especially being red(black phantom) is it may look to much like morion blade on your back. If anyone wants PSN me.

Right hand slots: Main weapon: Blessed Knights
Back up-LSOM
While you can use other blessed weapons obviously that meet the req's such as mace, Long two handing Guillotine and Claymore, blessed knight's is one of those weapons that truly can be a great one to use in the right hands. Great stunlock damage, speed, backstab damage, and overall one of those underated weapons that I feel takes practice to get used to using, especially in PVP.
If you are uncomfortable using it in PVP initially, for anyone who wants to give this build a shot, get summoned as blue to strictly help host beating levels.

Question for anyone who may know or have used-Ever duel wield two LSOM? Understand it would be extremely slow in left hand slot, but could finish off opp. who are low in HP, and could be pretty unexpected to go from using shield, to a LSOM. Just a thought.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Warding-Good for co-op play for many levels against physical enemies. Useful versus curse weapons, but wouldn't recommend using pre Second Chance. If you like duels that consist of limited grass, pre-fight casting, by casting this over SC, your opponent more likely than not, especially players who have been around for awhile, will whip out a nice northern Regalia, weapon and buff with SWS, or Black Turp, or Dragon weapon. Even with this high vitality, I recommend sticking with Second Chance in "fair duels">
If blue in other worlds, anything goes(at least apparently when I've invaded or hosted outside 4-1, these days grassing isn't optional. It's mandatory heh? I guess start post warding when your second chance runs out. If anyone ever wants to go by simiilar "code of respect" for dueling outside 4-1, and in worlds such as 1-3,1-4 you just let me know. I'm always up for it:)

Miracles(four slots)
Second Chance-never leave nexus without it once you have attained it.
Regen Miracle-(this is the miracle you should use until getting Second Chance) from Saint Urban. Great for post SC in co-op, PVE, and I guess outside of 4-1 where ANYTHING GOES, post SC crack.
Anti-Magic-Cause lag, can disconnect, interrupt your intenet server. In a nutshell, please dont' try using it in PVP:):) Thanks.

If you don't get dupe souls from others, and like the challenge of still playing through each level, miracles such as antidote, heal, cure(Great to use in the slums and swamps of 5-2 if you prefer not duping or equpping tons of lotus', or do not have any DMG as of yet.)

Gameplay tips and progression

Questions, PSN or message me on here.
Also, another variation of a faith build you can use that is quite effective, is 50 vit, and pumping your faith up to 65.

While there are varying opinions regarding dimished gains after mainly reaching 50 in any stat, the only time you should IMO take a stat past 50 is if you are planning to take it to 65. Past that, would be difficult to do while still being in the popular PVP zone, and having a strong build. Only exceptionos would be high vit, NR, Dragon, Makoto builds. Theoretically, however, by taking your stats even further than 65-70, the next number you'd have to hit to avoid dimishing gains would be 90.


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