Northern Regalia Vitality Gouge
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Build summary Variations of a Vitality-gouged Northern Regalia build
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 96 / 93
Will/Intelligence 11 / 14
Endurance 35
Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Magic 12
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Left Hand

  • Talisman of Beasts
  • Adjuticator's Shield +5

Right Hand

  • Northern Regalia
  • Silver Catalyst / swap out another weapon, such as a Dragon Mirdan Hammer +5


  • Male: Ancient King's Set with Assassin's Mask. Silver Coronet for casting Second Chance and Warding (if using the second build stats)
  • Female: Binded


  • Cling
  • Foe's/Friend's

Quick access slot

  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Old Spice (only if you use Warding and plan on using it more than twice)
    • The reason for this is simple. I'll explain the use of the Silver Catalyst and Silver Coronet below.
      • If you use Second Chance with this build's stats, it is too much of a PITA to recast it during a duel. Therefore, having it equipped here is a waste of time.
      • If you use Warding, then you'll have the Silver Coronet equipped for the whole fight. This will allow you to cast Warding twice. If you don't plan on casting it more than twice, it is a waste to put it here.
  • Black Eye Stone
  • Red Eye Stone
  • White Eye Stone
  • During the duel, I leave it on Dark Moon Grass the entire time.
Recommended spells/miracles

Second Chance
Warding (if using the second set of stats)

Gameplay tips and progression

Explanation of the stats:

  • Vitality: the higher the better, duh
  • Intelligence: at 11 intelligence, you don't have enough Mana to cast Second Chance. But, if you equip the Silver Catalyst and the Silver Coronet, you will have enough. This saves 4 stats that you can put toward Vitality
    • If you want to use Warding, then bump your Intelligence to 14 (to get the second magic slot for Warding), then just wear the Silver Coronet for the entire fight, and you'll be able to cast it twice per mana bar.
  • Endurance: 35 is all you really need for the Northern Regalia, and for an off hand Mirdan Hammer.
  • Strength: 14 is all you need to 2-hand the Northern Regalia and Mirdan Hammer.
    • In my opinion, there is minimal benefit to 1-handing the NR. The only advantage is to Parry. In order to 1-hand the NR, you need to have 20 strength. It is not worth the extra 6 stats to do this.
  • Dexterity: minimum needed for the Northern Regalia
  • Magic: minimum needed for the Northern Regalia
  • Faith: minimum needed for Second Chance
  • Luck: worthless stat for this build


    • Vitality
    • vitality


  • Swapping the catalyst and coronet is a PITA. Once you get the routine down, it goes quickly.
  • Warding does not protect you from magic damage. So, light weapons, blessed weapons, moon/crescent weapons, Large Sword of Moonlight, Northern Regalias, etc, all have Magic damage.

In order to expedite things, use the Thomas Dupe. If you don't know it, search for it on YouTube.

On to gameplay

  • 1-1
    • Collect the Soldier's souls, Fire Bombs, Old Spice, and Jade Hair Ornament.
    • Save Ostrava, get the Hardstone Shard protected by the Dredgling Horde.
    • Get the Shard of the Archstone and Full Moon Grass at the Dragon's nest.
    • Get the Flame Dragon attacking the bridge, then get the Renowned Soldier's soul.
    • Distract the Flame Dragon and run back to get the Ring of Great Strength. You'll die here.
    • At the Nexus, dupe the Spice, Grass, Archstone Shards, Fire Bombs, and the Hardstone shards. Use the soldier's souls, then upgrade your Long Sword to level 3.
    • Go back and get your souls at the Dragon's Nest.
    • Fight the Phalynx. I just go up to him and toss Fire Bombs until he is dead.
  • Talk to the Monumental, get the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (dupe it), open up the Archstones, get the Sticky White stuff in 2-1 and dupe it.
  • 1-2
    • Get the Wooden Catalyst.
    • Talk to Ostrava and get your Dark Moon Grass.
    • Get the Claymore, requires 6,000 souls, so plan it out or Dupe the Lead Demon's Soul for the extra souls.
    • Kill the Crystal Lizard before the Tower Knight. Reload and kill it again. You should get a Large Hardstone Shard; sometimes you'll get a Chunk of Hardstone.
  • Dupe your Hardstones. Upgrade your Long Sword and Claymore to +6 or +9 (if you get the Chunk).
  • Dupe the Dark Moon Grass.
  • 4-1
    • Get the Talisman of Gods, Soul Remains, and Adjuticator's Shield
    • Trade your Talisman of Gods to Sparkly for a Colorless Demon's Soul. Reload and get the soul.
    • Get the Regenerator's Ring on your way to the Adjuticator.
  • Dupe the Swollen Demon's Souls and upgrade your build how you see fit.
  • 3-1
    • Get the Black Leather Armor.
    • Rescue Freke.
    • Kill the Baby's Nail Black Phantom and get your Black Eye Stone
  • Get Warding from Freke (Iron Demon's soul).
  • 2-1
    • Get the Meltstone, and Dragonstone shard.
  • 2-2
    • Take the shortcut to the Flamelurker. Kill him and get the Chunk of Dragonstone in the arena.
  • 2-3
    • Get the pure Dragonstone here.
  • Dupe all necessary items.
  • Go to Blacksmith Ed, upgrade your Long Sword and Claymore to Dragon +5, Adjuticator +5.
  • 5-1
    • Just do it.
  • 5-2
    • Get the Mirdan Hammer, unlock the shortcut, and upgrade it to Dragon +5, if you want. It will make the boss fight go very quick.
  • 5-3
    • Use the Dragon Mirdan on Garl Vinland. R1, roll away from his attack, R1, repeat. Don't do more than one R1, or he will try to parry you.
    • You can dupe the Pureblood Demon's Soul and max out your build, if you need to.
  • 4-2
    • Rescue Urbain and beat Old Hero.
  • Get Second Chance
  • 3-2
    • Free Yurt.
  • 3-3.
  • Kill Yurt.
  • Kill Sege's apprentice, Acolyte of God, Worshiper of God, and Freke's Apprentice. This will get you to Pure Black Character Tendency. Reload to get Mephistopheles to spawn. Do her tasks. You'll be doing 1-3 at the same time, for her quests. This will get you the Talisman of Beasts and the Foe's Ring.
  • Kill Doran
  • Finish the rest of the worlds.
  • Kill Allant, get the Soulbrandt. Use a shard to return to the Nexus, go to 2-1 and upgrade it to the Northern Regalia.
  • Kill the Maiden.
  • Finish 1-1 and 1-2 in NG+, unlock the Archtones.
  • Now, you're ready to invade.

General Notes

  • I put Spice at the first in my menu. That way, I can spice up very rapidly, without having to swap the quick menu during the duel.
  • The first build is for those who cast SC once, and don't cast it again. Personally, I don't like recasting, so I go with this build The extra 3 stats get put toward Vitality.
    • To cast SC, have the Silver Coronet on and the Silver Catalyst equipped. Cast, and quickly swap the coronet for the hood/mask and the catalyst for your off hand weapon. Once you get this down, it literally takes seconds.
  • The second option is for those who want extra protection (Warding)
    • Start off the same way and cast the Second Chance. But, keep the Silver Coronet on. Swap out the catalyst. Respice, and you are ready to go.
      • You'll be able to cast Warding twice (once your SC cracks).
      • If you plan on casting Warding more than twice, then equip Old Spice in your quick access slot.
  • Unless you plan on parrying a lot, then the Northern Regalia is a 2-hand weapon only.
  • Watch your Endurance. Shouldn't be a problem, unless you are used to 40 Endurance.
  • With this much Vitality, you can be more aggressive and trade off hits. You can withstand a lot of damage, and your average opponent can't. So, you can attack through a Great Axe's Roll R1 (as long as you know your health can take it, and you don't spam that attack). There are times when you get locked with your opponent. You hit, they hit, etc. You can keep this up until they back out, because of the 540 AR and your massive vitality.
    • Of course, don't use this aggressive play as your main strategy. Use it to augment your strategy.

Any suggestions are welcomed.


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