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Build summary A warding, high dex archer build that uses the power of sticky to shoot out white arrows at opponent.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 128

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 70
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 13
Strength 15
Dexterity 70
Magic 6
Faith 13
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Armor-Go But_ AS- nake, or equipping very light armor;
Some suggestions:
Males: Wizard arms, or legs,
Females:Three cornered hat, old ragged clothes
Silver coronet

Right hand main-Sticky compound long bow
Back up-Fatal Estoc(can do decent poke damage, and tremendous backstab)

Left Hand slot
TOB, any catalyst(if using silver coronet, recommend silver kat. I believe(forgive me if I'm wrong) that it will give enough extra MP for one more cast.

Second Left Hand Slot-Shields-Adjudicators to throw on back. Only shield even worth using for a tiny whin tiny bitty itty piece of HP regen.
Buckleys-If you choose to switch to fatal and want to switch between one and two handed.

Five items slots-
For psychological use-equip tons of firebombs(does no damage, but will stun opponent, and possibly allow you sneak in a shot with your white arrow.
Just a side note for anyone who may not have tried this-firebombs for PVE serve two purposes-Destroyong those fugly rats in 5-1 and world 1-1 tossing them at the dredglings will kill them in one shot(NG+, takes two. (in pure white world…i) Just make sure you aren't on top of one of the explosive boxes that llght your A_S up when if you are using anything that has fire damage.(Dragon weapons, black turp buff, fire arrows, firebombs…)

Other items to equip:
Dark Moon Grass-Always got to have that on you, especially to beat out those stoners that are incresaing in numbers on NA as I write this.
Ed's grindstone-Never leave the Nexus without it. carry tons at once
Daggars-Useful against catching someone in the midst of casting firestorm. Heck, even if you are trying to play a glitching running firestorm, catching them with a quick daggar, interupts there casting, which allows you some time to shoot your white arrow at them.
Same goes for kunais-Poison? What poision?

Where you equip arrows:
White arrows-This is your deadly weapon. Does great damage with high dex and recommend using these for PVP battles.
If on occasion, you have the chance to switch quickly and throw in a rotten arrow(possible kill if opp is very very low on HP since it has poison damage.

PVE-Using a bow can be fun if you mix things up. Aside from the ones mentioned above, other various types of arrows you get from NPC Graverobber in 4-2 are; :light, holy, fire, heck even wooden.

Body form: Eternal, Regen, Ring of Great strength(can equip extra armor with ability to still roll quickly)
For those who feel the need to use hyper-Clever, MORON blade.
Non-hyper but still gives body form huge advantage with this high vit-Dull's rat.
there is some confusion in speaking with others whether dulls is considered hyper. By definition, no it isn't. By PVP standards, IMO, yes it is. It gives an unfair advantage and I'll simply leave it at that.

Soul form: BP invader-Foe's/Cling

While you can choose whether to be in body, or soul form, a build like this really shines being in soul form because of the stacking of CT. For PVP, phantom form deals more damage, while sacrifciing HP, and gains an added boost using friends' or foes. This will increase the damage arrows deal quite a bit.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells(2 slots)
Warding-Only spell you should have. With high vit, will save you from plenty of those cursed buffers out there. Even if fighting faith builds, try dodging, which is a huge piece of survival with a build like this. Warding also decreases the damage taken from backstabs.

Faith-(1slot)-Regen miracle for PVE, PVP
Since you are can not use second chance, regen miracle with high vit , is definitely doable for PVE and for casting in PVP(post warding, just don't be a pig, or piglet:):)
body form using regen ring, adj and this will recovery their HP even quicker(usualy it's the reverse since phantoms have less HP to begin with, recovering their HP bar faster.

Gameplay tips and progression

Because of the SL range, I decided not to put any more points into faith to get Second Chance.
The reason is that after 50 in each stat, taking it up to another 15 soul levels increases damage of that particular stat.
In regards to HP, going from 50-70 will allow you to take a few more hits and backstabs as phantom and definitely as host.
Dexterity-50-70-Does increase damage of bow, which therefore does the same for white arrows that are being shot from them.
This is a challenging build and one that will most likely make you lose many battles, but slowly and with more confidence building, will also help those who may not have the best timing when it comes to rolling out of the way. Because of the 13 endurance, it forces you to have to move very often from the spot you were in a half second ago. Other times, it can be quite a draining battle with your opp putting a shield up, while you stand there(actually pretty amusing:) like a Shmuuuckkkkkkk, LOL and try to catch them off guard.
Fun, clean build. You dig?


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