NR/Faith build
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Build summary A build that uses the CT stacked NR for max damage using blessed weapons as it's sidekick.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 38
Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Magic 12
Faith 50
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Females: Bind, Old Ragged Clothes, Black Leather, Rogues
Head piece: Silver coronet(For casting Second Chance you must use Silver Coronet with 14 intelligence. Leave on if planning to cast God's wrath miracle. Assassins Mask, Dull Helmet

Males: Old King Doran's, Black Leather, Shaman's, Brushwood(legs), Gloom(legs, arms witth black leather set)
Head piece-Silver Coronet(For reasons mentioned above), Assassins, Brushwood Helmet

Right Hand slot as main-Norther Regalia
Second Slot-Recommend using any of the following blessed upgraded weapons: Knight's sword, Mace, Mirdan Hammer, Claymore(slow hitting like the NR, but has longer range, thus would be a decent setup to use both together), and Crescent Axe.
LSOM, and Istarelle-LSOM bypasses all shields, and great against turtles..

Like the LSOM, Istarelle is a good option against turtles and goes well with the NR's short range. Deals 99.9% MAGIC DAMAGE even when meeting the dex requirements which by not meeting them, in actuality is benefitical.
Not meeting dex, spear bounces off shields, preventing you from getting parried.(if not 100% parry free, still makes it incredibly difficult for someone to pull off against this.

Regarding heavier blessed weapons: Look below under gameptips section.

Shields: Adjudicators(Good to throw on back for HP recovery. Stacks with blessed weapons, and regen ring. Great to use if two handing a weapon and playing passive/aggressive.
DSS-(Dark Silver Shield)Great to use for added magic defense, blocking magic spells(sour ray, HSA) and all magic based weapon upgrades(against other faith builds, crescent, and moon based weapons.
While this shield blocks or acts as a partial agonist against fire spells, and weapons, I recommend dodging, evading versus blocking(unless trying to go for blind parry against buffed turp or dragon weap.)
Knight's Shield-recommend if planning to block cursed buffed weapons, or any weapons that do physical damage. With 38 stamina, this shield has can block consecutive hits without breaking guard. It also can prevent a nice cursed DBS from sllcing you open if you have the shield up at the right time.
LSOM as shield? Not in the sense of blocking, but using on back. If anyone knows whether they tested it out to see if it decreases damage taken from backstabs, let me know. I'd appreciate it.

Body Form-Regen, Eternal, Ring of Great Strength, Ring of fire resistance, magic ring of dullness.

Phantom form: BP invader-Foe's, Cling
Blue Phantom-For co-op play, one vs. one duels(red stone, BP invader) friend's, Cling

While in body form, you still can use the NR even though it stacks with CT(which supposedly only stacks in soul form.) Aside from never truly understanding how one in body can use CT based weapons, nevertheless, I recommend body form hosts having pure white instead of pure black.

Phantoms:If invading, or dropping red eye stone-Pure black Character Tendency
Blues-Pure white CT.

NR does total of 540 max damage with right Char. Tendency.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells:(2 slotss)Recommend Warding

Faith(4 slots) Recommend Second Chance(always have it equipped) along with your choice of;
God's wrath(if you think you can handle PVP and be able to time this casting effectively.
Banish-If in body form, great against anyone who you wish to keep out of your world.
Difficult to master, euphoric when your wish comes true, and poof, your dreams came true:)
Regen-Great miracle to use before getting Second Chance. Get from St. Urbain in 4-2 using 4-1 boss' soul.

Gameplay tips and progression

This build if used properly is deadly. A combo of verocious magic and physical damage from the backstabs of the NR, parries, and critical hits(push into hit)
To compensate for the NR's lack of range, you can use the blessed Mirdan Hammer in your second hand slot, or go with a faster smaller one like the knight's sword side by side to he heavfy, slow hitting, yet powerful swings of the NR.
The reason NR goes well with faith is that it is the most powerful weapon in total damage(physical and magical). While it doesn't have "ground pound" heavy duty punishment that the Blessed Great Axe does, the NR's backstabs especially versus other phantoms in PVP is deadly.

The reason I am not recommending using these weapons is because this build uses the NR as a main weapon. Here's some reasons why each one is risky using in sync with NR:

Great Axe: Great blessed version with most faith builds, sick "ground and pound" damage. With this build using the NR as a main, as mentioned, try going with a weapon that has long reach(Mirdan Hammer) or a lighter faster weapon such as the knight's sword that plays well with the NR side by side.

Guillotine-One of the most difficult stunlocks to get out of, but also to get caught in.
I love this piece of metal when using another faith build, but again, doesn't serve it's purpose when used another short range weapon like the NR. For this reason, using with the NR doesn't jive well.

Great Sword-Similar in terms of reach, arch(hit box) to Claymore. Even more powerful, but much heavier, and slower. Not a good choice to use with the already heavy NR.

recommend a faster swinging one to go in sync with the NR's slow hitting ,vicious backstab, critical hit damage.
faith build, heavy hitting, "Ground pound" devastating damage. Yet, being that the NR can carry it's own weight(literally and figuratively speaking), using another sluggish, slow hitting weapon doesn't make me feel like it's a sexy combo. Maybe you disagree, but IMO, it's too slow of a weapon, along with the fact that, especially in phantom form, not using ring of great strength, you will either be wearing one, two pieces of Old Doran's, some black leather, full shaman's or going butt naked due to the heavy hindrance on your stamina recovery, along with not being able to roll quickly.

with this build is because it isn't a typical faith build, but using the NR in combo with blessed weaponsBlessed Great Axe-"Strong Ground and Pound" damage, powerful weapons, but when used with an already heavy, slow hitting, yet even higher damaging weapon such as NR, using those tow together is basically setting you up to get backstabbed quite often.

Great Sword-Long reach, wide arch hitting box, yet again, like Great Axe, doesn't make it all hot and sweaty to want to use with the NR.

Guillotine Axe-Fast, vicious stunlock(probably one of the hardest to get out of if caught in, yet because of it's short range, extremely difficult to get someone inis not a great fit with NR-Not that it isn't doable, there are just more options in the blessed weapon category that IMO is better to use with the slow swing, short range NR.


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