Twisted Makoto, SL 30+, Work in Progress
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Build summary A low level spellsword build with a twist
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty (for low levels). Knight, Temple Knight, or Priest for higher levels (or if you want Faith at 16).
Recommended Soul Level 30+

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 14
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 15
Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Magic 15
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Left Hand

  • Adjuticator
  • Talisman of God / Wooden Catalyst

Right Hand

  • Makoto
  • Baby's Nail
  • Dragon Claymore +5 for jumpers or when blues have upgraded weapons.


  • Black Leather
  • Male: Consider using the Shaman's Clothes to look more like Makoto
  • Silver coronet


  • Low Soul level: Cling and Regenerator's Ring
  • High Soul level: Cling and Foe's
  • Use the Ring of Devout Prayer to cast SC, then swap it for the Regenerator's/Foe's Ring.

Quick slots:

  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Old Spice
  • Black Stone

At higher levels, upgrade your Adjuticator's Shield to compensate for no Regenerator's Ring.

Recommended spells/miracles
  • Fire Spray and Soul Arrow
Gameplay tips and progression

Note, this is a work in progress. I will be testing specifics shortly. This is just a rough draft, so to speak

Stat explanation

  • Intelligence. At 14, you have 2 magic slots, and over 100 mana (with the Silver Coronet). You can cast Second Chance, with this. You can also cast many soul arrows and fire spray. This should be all you need for Intelligence.
  • Endurance. Still a work in progress. I will do some experiments.
  • Strength. 18 to one-hand the Makoto.
  • Dexterity. Stat requirements for the Makoto.
  • Magic. Still testing this one to see if this will be powerful enough.

To make things faster, use the Thomas Dupe glitch. If you don't know what that is, search for it on YouTube.


  • 1-1. Get the Full Moon Grass, Shard of the Archstone, Old Spice.
  • Upgrade as you see fit. I would pump vitality first. But, if you dupe the Lead Demon's Soul, you can upgrade this build fully, in a short time.
  • 1-2. Do it to get the Wooden Catalyst and Hardstones (Large Shard and Chunks, if you are lucky). Get the Dark Moon Grass from Ostrava. Buy a Claymore from the Dredgeling.
  • 4-1. Get the Talisman of God, Crescent Falchion, Adjuticator's Shield, and Regenerator's Ring. Duping some Turpentine (buy it at Boldwin if you need) and buying the Short Sword (upgrade it as high as you can) will make this level easier.
    • Don't die in body form. Play offline and/or in soul form, if you want to.
  • 4-2. Note, the Crescent Falchion is not very effective; the enemies here have higher magic defenses. I use the Short Sword +3 (or as high as you can upgrade), loaded up with Turpentine. If you have Pure White World Tendency, pick up the Makoto. Rescue Urbain. Old Hero is a tedious fight. Be patient, use the Short Sword and Turpentine, and he will go down easily.
  • 5-1.
    • Same as 4-1 and 4-2. You need Pure White Word Tendency, to get the Ring of Devout Prayer.
  • 5-2. Get the Mirdan, go back to the Nexus, and upgrade it as high as possible. Now, things become much easier.
  • 5-3. Flaming Mirdan for Garl.
  • Go back and kill Black Phantom Garl Vinland to get the Crest. Give the Crest to Selen Vinland to get your Ring of Devout Prayer.
  • 3-1. Rescue Freke, get your Soul Arrow
  • 2-1. Get the Shard of Dragonstone here. Trade the Hard Demon's Soul for Firespray.
  • Finish world 2.
  • By now, you should have a shard, chunk, and pure Dragonstone. Use it to get your Mirdan and/or Claymore to Dragon +5. Again, save these weapons for when you go up against blues with advanced weapons.
  • Stop here for lower level invasions.

Higher level invasions

  • Trade the Red Hot Demon's Soul to upgrade advanced weapons.
    • Upgrade your Makoto, Adj Shield, and Baby's Nail (trade the Talisman of God to Sparkly to get the Colorless Demon's Soul, then dupe it).
  • Do 1-3 and the Mephistopheles quests to get your Foe's Ring
    • But, if you do this, you will need to complete the game before invading. Since this build relies on using the Ring of Devout Prayer, you need Urbain or Disciple of God to remember the Second Chance.

General notes. IMO, this build is fair. All the items can be easily obtained early in the game progression. At lower soul levels, none of the items are upgraded; no farming or duping is needed.

General strategy. This is a twisted build. First, you use the Baby's Nail to give them Plague and lower their stamina regeneration. Then, change over to the Makoto for both damage and bleed. You can pester them with the Fire Spray, or do the Soul Arrow when they try to heal. Both the Baby's Nail and Makoto will still cause these status ailments even if they are using a shield. But, once you give them plague and bleeding, don't just turtle. That is no fun. Take advantage of their impeded stamina reduction and go aggressive. Force them to deplete their stamina, then hit them hard.


  • The Makoto doesn't deal huge damage. The bleeding is where it comes into play. At lower levels, this bleed effect can be very powerful.
  • With a level 1 Adj Shield and Regenerator's Ring, you won't loose any health to the Makoto.
  • This build can be made quickly and ready to go, if you are invading at lower levels.


  • At higher levels, the Makoto's damage isn't as significant.
  • At higher levels, more people have Dark Moon Grass, making the bleeding and plague effects worthless.
  • The Ring of Devout Prayer trick is a PITA. It saves 6 soul levels, which is important at lower level invasions. You have to cast Second Chance and change rings. This will deactivate the Second Chance, so there is no recasting. And, after every fight, you have to go back to the Nexus to remember it again.
  • Lower health at low levels.

Alternate options.

  • Increase Magic to 18 and Faith to 18. This will allow you to use the Talisman of Beasts (at the above stats, it's Magic damage will be null). Also, you don't have to use the Ring of Devout Prayer. Much more convenient, but costs extra soul levels.
  • Don't get the Ring of Devout Prayer (no Second Chance then, unless you put 6 more points into your build). Then, you don't have to do 5-1. Just do 1-2, 1-2, 3-1, 4-1, and the start of 4-2 (might want to finish 4, so you unlock 1-3 which is a great place to invade).

Sorry this is a mess. I'll streamline it once I get the kinks worked out. I'll come up with variants at alternate soul levels.

EDIT. I scrapped this build. It felt too much like trolling. Invading single players was a joke. This build isn't that good at multiple players either.


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