Mid LVL Faith Invader
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Build summary Utilises the Claymore to mow down opponents.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 75

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 35
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 28
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 40
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Please note that the equipment selected are in my opinion. If you feel that something doesn't work within this build you can feel free to change it!!!! ^_^

Also this is my first build post so just bare with me… D:

  1. Weapons
  • RH1: Blessed Claymore +5
  • RH2: Silver Catalyst -or- Sticky Compound Short Bow +5 ( PvE Only)
  • LH1: ToG
  • LH2: Babys Nail +5

-=Switching to Babys Nail could possibly be to much of a PITA when fighting since 2Handing the Claymore swings faster and is needed to be effective. Perhaps BSing?=-

  1. Armour
  • MALE

Old King Dorans - (with your choice of Silver Coronet to use SC, otherwise the full set is good enough).


Binded Set - (with your choice of Silver Coronet to use SC, otherwise the full set is good enough).

  1. RINGS
  • Soul Form

Cling Ring
Foe/Friends Ring/Eternal Warriors Ring

  • Body Form

Eternal Warriors' Ring
Ring of Magical Dullness/Regenerators Ring

  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Old Spice (if you're planning on Gods Wrath a few times or replenishing MP)
  • Augite of Guidance
  • Shard of Archstone
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Second Chance
  • Gods Wrath
  • Banish

-=If you want to, equip single slot spells, but it's not recommended since it is a waste of time=-

Gameplay tips and progression

Now, I chose Knight since they start with 11 INT, which is enough to equip Silver Cat and Silver Coronet for 100MP, enough for Second Chance.

14 STR is enough for 2H Claymore which is recommended since 2Handing it seems to have a faster swing that 1H. Only problem is switching between 1H and 2H to use ToG and Babys Nail.

10 DEX is enough for Compound Short Bow, which at +5 Sticky can really help with PvE.

10 MAG is the minimum requirement to learn magic.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


WARNING: This build contains the use of Thomas Dupe. Dupe all upgrade stones whenever you have a chance, same goes for arrows, grasses, lotus etc.

1-1: Grab the Archstones from Dragon Nest. Kill Phalanx. DO NOT RETURN TO NEXUS.
1-2: Continue to the second archer tower. Grab the compound short bow. If you weren't lucky to get a claymore drop from the 2H Knight, buy one. Use archstone to Nexus.

5-1: Change WT to PBWT. Grab the ToG from over the bridge you need to kick down before going down to the Crystal Lizard. This will increase the chances of getting a Shard of Faintstone and a Chunk of Faintstone from the Crystal Lizard by the Blessed Mace. If you can't get a chunk no worry. Return to Nexus.

While in Nexus, get Faith to LVL 20 and get Pure Faintstone from female follower. Also it would be a good idea to LVL Vit to 25 or 30 and endurance to 28. Will make the next parts easier. Also it would be good to learn a few miracles, especially Evacuate.

2-1: Grab basic upgradestones. Unlock Ed elevator. Upgrade Claymore to +7 then to +2 Blessed or +4 (depending on stones acquired). Do the same to the Blessed Mace you picked up. Grab shard of spiderstone behind the handle of the platform going down to spider. Kill Spider. Grab the chunk of spiderstone on the wall to the right before entering the tunnel.
2-2: Kill Black Phantoms before Crystal Lizard nest and get Black Eye Stone. Kill Flamelurker.
2-3: Kill Dragon God

Return to Nexus then return to Stonefang Tunnel. Upgrade Compound Short Bow to +5 Sticky.

5-1: Kill Leechmonger. It will be a bit of mission since the world is in PB, but using the bow with hard arrows on the Depraved Ones and a bit of strategy on the Giant Depraved Ones it should be no worries. After killing Leechmonger there is chunk of faintstone on a corpse somewhere.

Return to Nexus. Dupe stones. Return to Stonefang and upgrade Claymore to +5. Now LVL Faith to 40.

3-1: Run through level grabbing Silver Coronet, Silver Catalyst and anything else. Enter Church and grab Babys Nail before you kill the Demon! Very Important! Return to Nexus.

4-1: Reach Sparkys Tree and drop ToG. Reload Profile and collect Colourless Demons Soul. Grab Regen Ring. save Urbain. Kill Ajudicator and Old Hero. Get World Tendency to Pure Black and kill the Primeval Demon to learn Recovery also.

Dupe Colourless Demons Soul. Upgrade Babys Nail to +5. Level Faith to 40. Lean Second Chance

1-2: Get Ostrava killed (either now or when first encountered in 1-1). Kill Doran. Return to Nexus.

Now get PBCT and get Foes' Ring. Make sure your stats are spot on and then you're ready to invade!!!

Now 26 endurance is enough to wield Compound Short Bow, Old King Doran Set and ToG. 28 Endurance is enough to use Roll - R1 AOE - R2 - Roll. OR R1-R2 Roll attack sequences.
35 Vit is high enough for this level since ive never been 1Hit Ko'd BS yet wearing full Old King Dorans set, although a firestorm is a different story D:

Also, it might be a good idea, if not pure common sense, after acquiring Foes Ring, get Character Tendency to Pure White for 20% extra attack power before invading. This should give you 40% extra attack power ontop of the 420 attack damage when 2Handing the Claymore.

The most DMG ive hit is 1154 on a BS with no Foe Ring, PBCT.
3 Swings 2Handed can break Guards and using the Eternal Warriors Ring you can get enough stamina to run behind and BS before they collect themselves.

ANY QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!! my first time hehehe.


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