Blessed Claymore
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Build summary A Vitality-gouged Faith Build. Designed for Claymore lovers only.
Recommended starting class(es) Priest
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 76
Will/Intelligence 11
Endurance 30
Strength 14
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 50
Luck **
Recommended equipment


  • RH1: Blessed Claymore +5 // Silver Coronet
  • RH2: Large Sword of Moonlight +5
  • LH1: Adjuticator's Shield +5
  • LH2: Talisman of Gods


  • Cling Ring
  • Friend's/Foe's


  • Female: Binded Set
  • Male: Ancient King's breast plate, gauntlet, and leggings. Assassin's mask
  • Silver Coronet for casting Second Chance. Swap back to the hood or mask once cast

Quick Slots

  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Old Spice
  • Blue/Black/Red Eye Stone
Recommended spells/miracles

Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

Stat Explanation

  • Intelligence: setting it at 11 save stat points for vitality. In order to cast Second Chance, you need to equip the Silver Coronet and Silver Catalyst to have enough Mana to cast it. Then, you swap those back out for your weapon and head gear.
  • Endurance: 40 is the accepted norm for PvP. That is where your stamina caps out. With the Claymore, you only need 30. I tried this out for, maybe 30 duels, and never had a stamina problem. You need to monitor your stamina closely, however.
  • Strength: 14 is the minimum for 2H the Claymore.
  • Faith: 50 is the cap for Faith. When you go above 50, your AR increases by 1 point per stat.

Game progress

  • Get to learn the Thomas Dupe. You'll progress much faster.
  • Do 1-1 and 1-2. Get your Claymore (from the Dredgling, 6,000 souls) and Dark Moon Grass (from Ostrava). You should be able to get a Shard and Large Hardstone Shard. Upgrade your Mace to +6. Make sure to grab the Turpentine. Upgrade Vitality only.
  • Do 4-1. Grab the Adjuticator's Shield, Regeneration Ring, Talisman of Gods (trade to Sparkly for a Colorless Demon's Soul), and the Soul Remains. Upgrade Vitality only.
  • Do 4-2. Buffing your Mace with Turpentine will make this level easier. So will the Soul Remains to distract the Black Phantom and Reapers.
  • Upgrade Faith to 16. Learn and Remember Second Chance. Learn Regeneration Miracle.
  • Do 3-1. Rescue Freke. Get the Silver Coronet and Silver Catalyst. Equip those and cast Second Chance for the Black Phantom and Boss.
  • Do 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3. Get your Shard and Chunk of Faintstone. Also, pick up the Large Sword of Moonlight. If the Crystal Lizards don't give you a Chunk, then take out the Meat Cleaver Black Phantom. Also, get the Black Turpentine. It will help out with the rest of 5-2 and 5-3.
  • Now, it's time to max out your build. Dupe the Pureblood Demon's Soul and max out your stats here.
  • Get your Pure Faintstone from the Worshiper of God (female with Urbain) - talk to her with at least 20 Faith.
  • Remember the Regeneration Miracle.
  • 2-1 - as soon as you can get to Ed, upgrade your Claymore and Mace to Blessed +5. You don't need the Red Hot Demon's Soul.
  • 2-2. The Flamelurker will fall quickly with the Blessed +5 Claymore, especially with 50 Faith.
  • Upgrade your Adjuticator's Shield and Large Sword of Moonlight +5
  • World 1 should be Pure White by now. Kill Miralda for the Binded set, if you are female.
  • 1-3. Rescue Biorr and Yuria. Kill Ostrava here. Get your Mausoleum Key.
  • Kill Doran to get the Ancient King's Set, if you are male.
  • 3-2 (if you want to unlock Mephistopheles), rescue Yurt.
  • Mephistopheles Quest to get the Foe's Ring OR, get to Pure White Character Tendency and talk to the Monumental for the Friend's Ring.
  • Finish the game, killing the Monumental for the Red Eye Stone and the Beast Demon's Soul.

General Notes

  • It is a PITA to always swap weapons then respice so you can cast Second Chance. It will become quicker once you get into the habit. In order to make it more efficient, I organize my weapons/items like this.
    • Old Spice at the top of the menu
    • Weapon order: Silver Coronet, Claymore, Large Sword of Moonlight
    • Headgear Order: Silver Coronet, Mask or Hood
    • Now, when you swap weapons, they will be next to each other, and you can respice quickly, with minimum button pushes.
  • Watch your endurance closely. Don't do more than 2 attacks with the Claymore.


  • The Claymore has 4 basic moves: R1, R2, Roll R1, and R1-R2.
  • Given the current Meta, you only need to do 2 swings at a time. It is very hard to get more than 2 hits to connect.
    • R1 should be your main move. Use it to keep your opponent at a distance. Always try to hit them with the tip, as far away as you can. Also, use it when they try to run past you for a backstab.
  • R2: use it sparingly. It is slower and uses up a lot of stamina.
  • Roll R1. Since you will be rolling a lot, use this to add variety and keep your opponent off guard. Do it randomly as well as do it to hit. Also, lock off your opponent during the roll, and aim L3 toward your opponent. This makes it harder for them to dodge it, since you can change the direction of the attack.
  • R1-R2. Do this sparingly too. The R2 is designed to be a surprise. If your R1 connects, and you have enough Stamina, consider following up with R2. It usually won't connect, but if it does, it adds a lot of damage. Also, bait your opponent with the R1 (purposely miss). If they come in for attack, then do the R2.
  • Backstabs
    • The Clay will hit for 900-1000 on a backstab. Learn to use it.
    • Since you will be rolling a lot, learn the roll backstab.
    • Roll under your opponent's attack and backstab them.
    • R1 roll backstab. Use the R1 as a bait to lure them in, then do the roll backstab.
    • Roll away (to bait them into rolling toward you), then roll toward them and backstab.
  • Use the Large Sword of Moonlight for turtles or people who are using Shields.
  • It can be parried, so if you see people trying to parry, only attack once. Or else, you'll regret it.
  • Remember, it doesn't regenerate health, so if you need more of a boost, change back to your Claymore
  • When your Second Chance gets Cracked, cast Regeneration. Be very careful, Miracles take time to cast (longer than spicing/grassing), so time it well. You can cast it twice without respicing.
  • The Claymore is a defensive weapon. Take your time; be patient. Don't get too aggressive. As a Faith build, time is on your side. This is especially true for buffed weapons. Force your opponent to be aggressive and punish their mistakes, or take advantage of their attack's weakness.
  • When you are starting out the fight, randomly do R1. Do it for a couple reasons. First, to see how far your reach extends. Second, to gauge their response and general strategy.


  • Massive health, combined with good health regeneration
  • Very strong unbuffed weapon. Don't need to constantly rebuff
  • Good magic damage. Great for Mages, Spell Swords, and Warding
  • Large Sword of Searching is great for turtles.
  • Clay has great phantom range.
  • Good Magic defense. Important for Light weapon (like Blue Blood Sword and Northern Regalia). Also good for Mages and Spell Sword builds.


  • Forces you into a single weapon. You can't change weapon types based on your opponent. It can also make you more predictable.
  • Can't recast Second Chance in the middle of a battle.
  • Lacks the raw finishing power of purple weapons or stunning weapons.


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