BBS/MagCrescent build
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Build summary A low vit, difficult to master, yet powerful magic melle build that uses the blueblood sword with moon/crescent weapons.
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 36
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 45
Faith 18
Luck 21
Recommended equipment

Males: Sage Freke's, Black Leather, Old Doran's, Dark Silver(arms, legs recommend), Chain Mail(chest piece or gloves)
Head piece-Must use Silver Coronet with TOG or TOB to cast Second Chance.
Once casted, Sage Freke hood, Assassins, Plated Helmet

Females: Rogues, Black Leather, Bind, Dull Armor(arms, or legs), Ragged Clothes
Head piece-Silver Coronet(same reason as listed above), Assassins, Three cornored hat

Catalysts-TOB(only reason to use is for casting Second Chance) Same with TOG(talisman of God)
Insanity Catalyst-A must when buffing BBS with light weapon.

Main Right Hand-Blue Blood Sword
Second RH Slot-Any moon or crescent upgraded weapon-
At 45 magic, crescent(does primarily magic damage), and moon(magic and physical) are both good choices to use as secondary weapons once buff from BBS goes out.
However, moon is better versus faith since it does split(physical and magic)

Following are various weapons(not full list but ones I recommend using) that can be upgraded to crescent, moon, or either.
Weapons that can be upgraded to either moon, or crescent; kilij, uchis, shotels, parrying daggar

Moon upgrade-Both Mirdan Hammer, Halbert, and War Scythe(all do same damage), claws, Winged or Short Spear(good to use with shield) Crescent Axe(slow swinging, but good reach, angles, but good ground pound R1, and does a whopping total damage of 488(split physical and magic), Knight's sword, Mace, Morning star, War Pick, and Pickaxe.
Great Axe, Guillotine, Claymore(all should be used two handed do to not meeting the strength requirements, along with the fact for the most part, they are better used two handed anyways.

Cresecent upgrade only-Estoc(great for backstabbing, best weapon in arsenal for backstabbing opponent. secret daggar(crescent)

Shields-DSS, Knight's Shield, Adjudicators(if two handed weapon)

Second left Hand Slot-Insanity Kat for buffing light spell. Post buff, unequip for left hand uchi(if you can without going over equip burden, or shotel.

Two possible setups post BBS buff:

DSS/Uchi/BBS/Crescent or moon weapon(uchi with shield only if you do not go over equip burden


Uchi/Shotel/BBS/Choice of crescent or moon weapon.

Body Form-Eternal, Regen
Phantom-BP invader or red stone drop-Foe's, Cling
Blue Phantom-Friends/Cling

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells-recommend Light Spell to buff BBS with.

Miracles:Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

Because you have one extra stat point left once you reach SL124, you can decide where you want to put it; in this case, I chose the extra point towards luck. If you don't feel like using Silver coronet for casting Second Chance, take that extra point, and put it towards Intelligence.
Another thing about this build, is that to each their own. If you feel you can survive with only 30 endurance, take those extra six points and put them towards vitality. I'm giving an outline to a semi-luck, yet strong buffed BBS build that uses a variety of moon and crescent upgrade weapons.
Build speaks for itself. Damage wise, powerhouse. Has strong enough endurance to get in a full BBS stunlock that will crack and kill any phantom or host.
Once light buff goes out on the BBS, a crescent estoc(for those who are good at backstabs), moon or crescent kilij(fast, multiple hits), or a larger, heavy, yet powerful MOON Crescent Axe(deals around 488 total damage) are just a few weapons to use in second right hand slot.
As you can see, this isn't a magic spell buld. Pure and utter melee. Great thing with a pure mag melee build is the variety of weapons/upgrades you can choose from. With the right CT, the NR(must two hand it since it requires 20 strength to one hand) Demondbrandt, and Soulbrandt(both these two can be used one or two handed since they require only 18 strength)

Another great thing about this build is that you do not need to worry about losing a ton of magic defense since unlike a caster build, you do not depend on catalyst, tornado head and ring of magical sharpness for boosting magic damge, but in return, decreasing magic defense by a ton.

While there are many pros to this build, I will also be unbiased in mentioning a con: Low vitality compared to 99.9% of PVPers. .
If invading, in a hosts PWWT, especially against blues using friends ring, be extra cautious.
This is why this build requires patience, skill, technique, and understanding of opponents, spacing, and timing.
It requires an aggressive style, yet also evading, blocking(not turtling, those are for kids:), I suggest playing aggressively, looking for openings especially when BBS is buffed with light spell. Once light spell goes out, play a bit more passively, looking for right openings to go in for the stunlock, backstab(various types), when to block, dodge, etc…

Good luck!


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