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Build summary A simple, fun build that uses the Phosphorescent pole and NR
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 32
Strength 30
Dexterity 16
Magic 45
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

I'll make this short and sweet;
Males: Any light armor, Old Doran's, a couple of pieces of from heavy armor sets such as Dark Silvers, Brushwood(Helmet is sexy), Chain.
-When casting Second Chance, must have Silver Coronet on since you only have 14 intelligence. Once casted, can unequip for other headpiece.

Females; Any Light Armor, Bind, Dull arms or legs.

Main-Phosphorescent Pole(Must get to +5 since it's rating increases with colorless souls upgrade. While it only has an appalling "D" ! rating when not upgraded, based on magic stats and upgrading usign colorless souls, once it hits +5, that D now turns into an "S"!
Backup-(Look at list of weapons I put under the light spell section. Aside from those that can be buffed, other weapons that are decent as backup are epee rapier(like phos pole, it's rating increase as you upgrade using colorless souls to +5) Crescent or Moon Uchigantas, Crescent Estoc, or if you want to be a bit unique, Shotel(can be both moon or crescent upgrade)

Left hand Slots:
Shield: DSS, Knight's or Adjudicators
Second Left hand Slot options; IKat for buffing weapon if using light spell. Unequip, and replace with either moon or crescent; Shotel, or Uchiganta.

Example Setup:
DSS/Moon Uchiganta+5/Phos Pole+5/Epee Rapier+5

Or, a nice sexy one could be;

Knight's/Moon Shotel/Phos Pole+5/Lava Bow(recommend using white arrows)

*To attain, the Lava bow, upgrade any bow(short, long, compound) to +7, go to the creepy Blacksmith in Stonefang, and hand him over the Hard Demon's Soul you got after defeating "armor spider" 2-1 boss.

PVP-Body Form-Don't believe in hyper gear, or dull's rats(not considered hyper, but with the amount of noob hyper gouged vit build hosts out there, dull's rats gimps the player under curtain situations even moreso than hyper. If you have to use hyper or dull's, do yourself a favor. Practice with a buddy, an experienced player so you can get better. Period…
Ring of Great strength(only use if you would be going over equip burden) , Eternal, Regen, Ring of Fire Resistance, Plague(pretty decent against cloud spammers, when equipped alongside with Eternal), Ring of Magical Dullness(does not decrease power of moon, cresecent, phos pole, or weapons BUFFED with light spell.

BP invader-red stone phantom-Foes, Cling
Blue Phantom-Friends, Cling

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells-14 intelligence-2 magic slots. Have two choices
Warding-Recommend using if planning to cast after SC breaks, especially in PVE. Warding gives a huge increase in physical defense, hence worth using against many enemies and bosses.

Light Spell-If you decide to buff your weapon, instead of using warding, while this build's stats are primarily focused around using the phos pole, there are an abundance of other weapons that can be used as well. Here are some less common and often used weapons that would be viable choices to use buffed with light;any +10 small, fast weapon(estoc, claws, secret daggar, spiral rapier, straight swords(such as Broad, Knight's), mace, morning star..Poles- not small, nor considered slashing, fast hitting type weapons, the stunlock power is enough to considers these babies when buffed with light-Mirdan Hammer and War Scythe.
Finally……GERRRRRIII'SSSS STILLETTTOOOO> Ever try buffing this weapon when you have decent magic power? Experiment, and use against the black skeletons in 4-1. Parry, backstab them. You'll see what I mean. IF you could care less about winning by any means, but actually trying to further test your skills(even the more experienced players too:) try using in a fight PVP style.

Miracles: Second Chance
Prior to getting SC, use Regen miracle for HP recovery.

Gameplay tips and progression


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