Dex Hyper Mode Build (SL125+)
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Build summary A hyper mode using build
Recommended starting class(es) Anything is fine
Recommended Soul Level 126

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30-50
Will/Intelligence 18/15
Endurance 40
Strength 16
Dexterity 50
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand
*Sharp Weapon (Kilij reccomended)
*Sticky Compound Long Bow

Left Hand
*Morion Blade
*Talisman of Beasts

Old King Doran's Armor

*Clever Rat's Ring
*Cling Ring/Theif's Ring/Eternal Warrior's Ring (Anything works, really)

Recommended spells/miracles

*Second Chance
*Curse Weapon (Optional)

Gameplay tips and progression

This build is really fun to play, and it works for PvP too, but I recommend blueing or hosting. Hyper mode is when you have <30% health and Morion Blade/Clever Rat's Ring. You will die in a hit or two, so you have to be careful and use your bow to snipe from afar. Keep SC on so you can run in case you get hit. Your arrows will do around 1000 damage, and your kilij will do 800+ without curse weapon.

How to get into Hyper Mode
*Find a fire and run into it multiple times
*Get hit by a WEAK enemy
*Fall lightly in the Nexus
*Use Magic Sword Makoto (Hint: Switch between any weapon and Makoto for faster drain)
*Use Hiltless

How to progress (With duping, you'll have to farm otherwise)
1-Beat 1-1

2-Go to 4-1 and get
*Talisman of God
*Compound Long Bow
*Storied Hero's Soul (For duping)

3-Build Up Stats

4-Beat 2-1 and dupe spiderstone

5-Upgrade Bow and Kilij (Sticky and Sharp, respectively)
#Beat all of Shrine of Storms and get
*Morion Blade from Storm Demon's Soul
*Second Chance from Hero's Demon Soul
*Magic Sword Makoto

6-Get Clever Rat's Ring from 3-1

7-Beat Old King Doran-Shouldn't be too hard with Hyper Mode

8-Equip everything

9-Get Talisman of Beasts (Optional)

10-Beat Penetrator from CW (Optional)

And now you're ready!
Have fun!


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