The Tower Champion
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Build summary a first one for me. a defensive strength build that is for the people who like big shields and straight swords
Recommended starting class(es) soldier
Recommended Soul Level 127

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 55
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

armor: a heavy armor like gloom,plate,dark silver,fluted but ancient king parts are recommended.

weapons: tower shield+5 or for other people who want to be lighter on their feet the brushwood shield+5 is acceptable. Crushing knight sword+5 because the spears are more dex stuff and i like the moveset. Don't forget the talisman of beasts

rings body:ring of great strength,eternal warriors ring(trust me you want that stamina)
rings soul:cling ring, ring of great strength(you can skip the ring of great strength is you are wearing lighter things to use one of the rat rings)

Recommended spells/miracles

The spells and miracles are the melee favorites:second chance and cursed weapons.
(if you want to be a tank warding is acceptable then just minus 4 int and put them into vit and strength

Gameplay tips and progression

sorry but the only things i can say are that you want to get a crecent falchion in 4-1 and the adjudicator shield. if you're brave take care of the adjudicator then go kick some serious butt in stonefang. concentrate on strength and vit but throw in some end points in between.
after 1-2 and the dragongod is slain go kick some soldiers in the behind and take care of the first fatso he drops keys to rescue biorr and close to him is a lizard and a tower shield
(in 1-1 if you're either pure black or white soul tenancy you can get the full brushwood so keep that in mind) . making short work of some guys getting your armor rings swords and stuff just remember have fun ;).


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