SL 45 - 55 figher
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Build summary My Generic Low Lvl Fighter (Constructive Criticism PLZ)
Recommended starting class(es) Soldier
Recommended Soul Level 45 - 55

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 24(25?)
Will/Intelligence 15(18?)
Endurance 26
Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Magic 10
Faith 10(16?)
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Armor Sets:

*Plate Set (starter equipment)
*Later on: Gloom Set (found in "Tower of Latria" After saving Yurt and then Killing him)
*Much Later: Dark Silver Set (Killing Human form Garl Vinland in Maiden Astraea boss battle)


R1: Meat Cleaver (is "Faith/Will" raised to 16) NOTE: 18 Strength is required to 2H the Meat Cleaver)
R2: Any weapon/bow that you prefer to use
L1: ToB (Talisman of Beasts) or Long Bow(sticky, quality doesn't matter)
L2: DSS (Dark Silver Shield +5 (Obtained by killing human for Garl Vinland)
Adjudicators Shield +5 (Obtained in Shrine of Storms 4-1 after the fight with "Vanguard" guarded by a Black Dual Wielding Katana Skeleton)

Recommended Armor:

Head: Dark Silver Helmet
Chest: Dark Silver Armor
Hands: Dark Silver Manifer
Legs: Dark Silver Leggings

NOTE: This Build wasn't really the rolling type, but it can however roll just enough the dodge. IF you want to be able to roll i suggest getting Old King Doran's Armor Set and combine it with "Ring of Great Strength" Raise Endurance if Needed


Soul Form(Offline mode): Thief's Ring, Cling Ring
Soul Form(PvE): Cling Ring, Friend's Ring
Human Form: Eternal Warrior's Ring, Regenerator's Ring, Ring of Great Strength

Recommended spells/miracles
  • Spell A
Gameplay tips and progression


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