tank build
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Build summary a tank build that effectively uses shields and melee
Recommended starting class(es) less wasted upgrades when starting as wanderer, but barbarian works too stat wise
Recommended Soul Level 60+

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 18
Will/Intelligence 10
Endurance 36
Strength 30
Dexterity 18 (16 minimum)
Magic 10
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

the tower shield is what the base was based around, but the large brushwood shield is a better option to save weight and the ring slot (ring of great strength with the tower shield) the purple flame shield is a good starting shield. moon winged spear +5 is excellent, curved swords are good as they do more damage during the recoil after a blocked hit so the moon kilij +5 is also a good pair with the setup. if you feel like trolling the scraping spear also fit with this class nicely. This class can also use the lava bow.
SOUL FORM: large brushwood shield, a catalyst, moon kilij +5, lava bow or spear
any kind of armor set but I personally use black leather cling ring and any ring you want

HUMAN FORM: same as soul form but can use the tower shield/ ring of great strength, heavier weapons, or stay with SF setup and use the ring of the eternal warrior

Recommended spells/miracles

low mana means magic is limited and miricals are out so water veil and poison cloud are good for adding resistance for PvP and world 2 and wearing your enemies down (old king doran especially) soul ray, soul arrow, and flame toss are useable if you have spice.

Gameplay tips and progression

keeping fast is very helpful and will save your life many times over dodge if you can, block when you have to, deal as much damage in as little time as possible hense the moon weapons. have resistance rings on you at all times so you can switch on the fly (ring of magical dullness and ring of flame resistance mostly)


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