Soldier build for beginners
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Build summary A soldier build for beginners that focuses on Vitality and Strength
Recommended starting class(es) Soldier
Recommended Soul Level I am currently at level 68. I will put what I am planning to be (stat wise) by level 100 in parenthesis.

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 32 (45)
Will/Intelligence 15 (17)
Endurance 22 (30)
Strength 32 (40)
Dexterity 12 (12)
Magic 14 (15)
Faith 11 (11)
Luck 10 (10)
Recommended equipment

LH1 Steel Shield +6 (eventually +8, that Hardstone Chunk is elusive!)

LH2 Silver Catalyst (for your basic but effective spells)

RH1 Bastard Sword +8 (will later combine with Storm Demon's Soul to get Morion Blade)

RH2 Compound Long Bow +7 (eventually +10, it's nice to have a long range weapon for things like Storm Beasts)

I would also recommend equipping the Gloom Armor, which is what I am currently using. I would use Brushwood Armor but since this is a beginners build, it'll be WAY too heavy.

Recommended spells/miracles

This build doesn't focus a lot on spells (and hardly any miracles) but there is a few basic ones you should learn to make life easier.


Soul Ray: Get it by giving Sage Freke the Doll Demon's Soul in 3-1. I've found it useful early on for those pesky Red Eye Knights among other things.

Enchant Weapon: Can be used to give the Bastard Sword an extra kick.


Heal: Good if you don't have a lot of grass. Beginners should farm 1-1 for lots of Cresent & Half Moon Grass.

Evacuate: Good for getting back to the Nexus after farming or for emergencies.

Gameplay tips and progression

Early on (as in starting from scratch) I raised my Vitality & Strength five levels (to 19 & 17) before I raised anything else. After that I started to raise my Endurance one level for every 2-4 levels that I raised Vitality & Strength. Next, I raised Intelligence to 14 so I could use two spells. I raised Dexterity to 12 so I could use the Compound Long Bow. I raised Magic to 14 just to strengthen my attack power. I raised Faith to 11 (although 10 will work) in order to use a miracle. And finally, I didn't even touch Luck because your extra souls would be best spent towards Vitality & Strength.

After you get to the basic levels (mentioned above) for the other stats, you can then focus hard on raising Vitality & Strength along with Endurance. By Soul Level 100 you should have at least raised your Vitality & Strength to 45 & 40, and Endurance to 30.

Hopefully this will help some of the beginners out there. Feel free to list any comments or improvements.


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