Parry/Riposte Master
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Build summary The master of Parrying and Riposting along with hiltless and a bow for bosses
Recommended starting class(es) Thief
Recommended Soul Level 121

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 33
Will/Intelligence 13
Endurance 40
Strength 22
Dexterity 60
Magic 10
Faith 8
Luck 15
Recommended equipment

RH:Fatal Parrying Dagger+5/Hiltless+5
LH: Sticky Compound Longbow+5(w/heavy/White arrows)/Parrying Dagger +10/Adjudicators Shield+5
Armor Head: Ancient King's Mask/Assassins Mask
Body: Ancient King's Armor/ Shamans Cloths
Arms: Ancient King's Gauntles/ Leather Gloves
Legs: Ancient Kings Leggings/Leather Boots
Rings: Regenerators Ring, Eternal Warriors Ring/Thiefs Ring
Consumables: White/Dark Moon Grass, Secret Throwing Dagger, Blue/Black/Red Eye Stone, Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, Shard of Archstone.

Recommended spells/miracles


Gameplay tips and progression

Difficult to master but very powerful i mainly use parrying but as you all know you cant parry a boss demon so i just whip out hiltless and the adjudticators shield and have at it or sometimes use a bow especially on the first maneater and flamelurker. if you have any questions feel free to add my PSN CarverUpqik2


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