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Build summary
Recommended starting class(es)
Recommended Soul Level ~87

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40 (*)
Will/Intelligence 15 (*)
Endurance 40
Strength 20 (*)
Dexterity 16 (*)
Magic 12 (*)
Faith 16 (*)
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Right hand;
- Dragon Guillotine Axe +5 (Is great on the first play-through, does not benefit from stats)
- Demonbrandt / Soulbrandt / Northern Regalia (Benefits from CT, not from stats)
- Lava Bow (Require 16 dex, build would have 14 otherwise)

Left hand;
- Dark Silver Shield +5
- Mark of Beasts (cracked - mag stat is 12)

Armor: Ancients Kings/Binded, Black Leather
Soul form - Foe's/Friends Ring, Cling Ring
Body form - Anything

Recommended spells/miracles


-Evacuate (For farming)
-Second Chance (For everything else)

Gameplay tips and progression

(*) The level ~87 build displayed here is just the beginning - I used the equipment shown above to beat the game the first time, then in NG I forged the Northern Regalia. From here there are possibilities.

- Increase Vit & continue using the equipment shown above.
- Increase Dex; use Fatal Secret Dagger +5, Baby's Nail +5, Sharp/Mecury Uchigatana +5, Hitless, Blind, etc. Maybe Light Weapon.
- Increase Str; use DBS, or Crushing Great Axe +5, maybe even Bramd. Curse Weapon.
- Increase Str & Dex; use Meat Cleaver, maybe Adjucator's Shield +5 & Curse Weapon.
- Increase Faith; Large Sword of Moonlight & Blessed Guillotine Axe/Shotel/Uchigatana +5
- Inrease Mag & Int; Crescent/Moon Uchigatana +5, Insanity Catalyst, Head-dress, Ring of Magical Sharpness
- Increase Dex, Mag, Fai, & Luk; Blueblood Sword & Light Weapon.

I'm planning to go with Dex on this character, I already have a character with a MC and while it is a decent weapon, i don't like the shield. I also have a caster with dual crescent uchigatanas, ignite, soul ray, & poison cloud/death cloud. I find the caster to be stronger than the MC char, and this vitality-based build here is stronger than both of them, at this soul-level.


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