Curseless Quality Build
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Build summary A high damage quality build that uses black turpentine, or SWS instead of curse.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 11
Endurance 30
Strength 45
Dexterity 45
Magic 6
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Males-Pieces of Old Doran's(Chest piece) venerable sages, black leather, or Shamans. Can mix/match all these pieces to suit you. Larger weapons require you to use less armor. Will slow your endurance and rolling down EVEN if under 50% equipment burden rate.
Females-Binding, black Leather pieces.

Weapons; Any crushing or sharp upgraded weapons;Poles/Spears, straight and curved swords, Large, medium blunt weapons(Great Axe, Maces',etc..) Great thing about this build is you can even use weapons outside of these classes such as LSOS(actually decent to use as backup weapon) As for Meat Cleaver, I wouldn't suggest it do to the fact the Quality Great Axe outdamages it by a ton with these stats. Shields you can use as an actual right handed weapon-Spiked Shiled +10((recommend only in phantom vs. phatom) Finally, if you are confident in your ability using a bow, quality compound long bow with white arrows has some punch to it.; Don't understimate the power of the bow.

Buffs-Black Turpentine, SWS(AKA Sticky White stuff). Against high faith builds, buff your weapon with SWS, vs. other strength, dex builds, black turpentine seems to be a bit stronger damage wise.

Shields- For those who like to use shields either to block, throw on back, or parry here are some choices;

Steel Shield-Can't use for parrying. However, has great physical defense against blunt, piercing and all non-magic based weapons/spells. This shield comes in handy especially against duel katana users(just make sure they are not moon or crescent upgraded ones. Also, with 30 endurance, using a big shield like this, you want to keep an eye on your green bar to make sure it doesn't go to low where your guard breaks, and you're dealt a ton of damage to the point of no return.
Knight's Shield-Strong guard break, good against blocking physical damage. Can also use for parrying. Unlike the shield below, does not block against magic based weapons, or spells of any kind(both fire and actual magic like soul ray.)
Dark Silver Shield-Bit more versatile than Knights overall in that it can blocked magic 100% while also taking less damage against fire(ignite, firespray…) Also good for parrying.

Parry dagger, Estoc, Uchigantas(also can be used in left hand slot for parrying, especially blind)

Talisman of God/Beast-In the case of this build, either one can do its job in casting Second Chance. No need to use one over the other since this build doesn't use offensive miracles or curse weapon buff.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles-Second Chance. Post SC, regeneration.
Being that you have only 11 intelligence, have to always have Silver Coronet, and Silver Catalyst equipped when casting. Once casted, unequip Catalyst from slot. Reason for the 11 intelligence is in order to stay within the SL125 range. This build doesn't use Curse weapon, so unless you're looking to take intelligence to 14, therefore taking stat points away from another, no reason to use. Some players may like using warding, so that's an option to keep in mind. Wouldn't recommend it, but nevertheless, an option. Before getting Second Chance, get regeneration miracle from Saint Urban. To use regeneration, do not need 11 intelligence, just a TOB, or TOG.

Spells-Warding-If you want to take three points off of Dex or strength, to take intelligence to 14 to have access to warding, take magic to 10 learn spell, delevel back to 6(one of best, fastest ways to soul suck your way back down is letting King Allant use his SOULLL LGLOOWW BABY:) Once you have gotten magic back down to 6, and already learned warding, you're good to go.

Gameplay tips and progression

By this point, players that wish to use a build like this, should be at least somewhat confident in their PVP skills. Because of the high dex and strength, you don't need curse to do some extreme damage. However, against warding builds, use sticky white stuff on a large blunt weapon(Great Axe) especially faith, warders(they symbolize everything someone with this build would or should not be at this point of their DS career) Either way, come across these individuals, or groupies, take out some SWS or a nice Quality MH, or Great Axe and go to work.
That's about it, other than good luck.


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