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Build summary Hits hard and durable!
Recommended starting class(es) I think I started with the knight class, but i doubt it really matters.
Recommended Soul Level 158

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 40
Strength 30
Dexterity 18
Magic 11
Faith 72
Luck 12
Recommended equipment

WEAPONS - Blessed for high damage and regeneration
RH 1
*Blessed Great Sword +5
RH 2
*Istarelle +5
LH 1
*Tower Shield +5
LH 2
*Talisman of God

ARMOR - needs to be fairly light, so you're quick on your feet. That sword uses a lot of Stamina
*Assassin's Mask
*Black Leather
*Silver Bracelets
*Binded Boots

*Ring of Great Strength - needed so you can still move extra fast with those heavy weapons
*Ring of Avarice / Eternal Warrior's Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

*Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

First off, i will warn you that I have not really used this build for PvP ( I personally stay off line cause i dont really enjoy the PvP play style)

There are pretty much 3 different stances you can take with this build, all good for different situations. You can 2 hand the great sword for unmatched attack power; you can use the great sword in conjunction with the shield for balanced defense and attack, both of which are immense; or you can use the spear and the shield for unmatched defense.

When using the great sword 2 handed, i have found it best to do hit and run tactics as you can't throw out more than one attack quickly and you will have unimpeded movement. Lots of rolling around and sprint attacks work nicely.

When using a sword and shield stance, just bunker down under the shield and move around your opponent looking for the right shot. Take note of the long reach of your sword. Pretty simple really. Spear and shield works pretty much the same way only you dont have to lose your block when you attack.

Managing your stats is easy with this build as well. After you have all of your requirements for your equipment all you have to do is dump the rest in health, faith and endurance (after you have 40 endurance you don't need any more, as 40 gives you the max stamina) You don't really need to up you dex to 18 because it is only needed for the spear, but it actually doesn't hurt the damage much at all to not have the full 18 dex.

Now there is a bit of a gap between the start of the game and when you get your blessed great sword. I personally started out using a dragon weapon till i get my great sword. Dragon weapons don't scale with your stats there for they don't really get in the way of me adjusting my for the weapon I want to end up with.

Overall, that sword give a devastating offense; the shield, second chance, high heath, and fast movement led to an amazing defense, make this a power build.


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