Witch Saphira
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Build summary A unique retake on the classic Spellsword takes advantage of the powerful Homing Soul Arrow.
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 33
Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Magic 50
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Primary Right Hand

  • Crescent Estoc - Though the damage of its regular hits is quite low - on par with an un-buffed Blueblood Sword - its backstab capability is outstanding. Compounded with the potential to poke away from behind a shield, it makes for a very conniving weapon.
  • Moon Claymore - Its vast arcs can chain hits with proper delay, and with seasoned prediction, rolling backstabs may be easily baited and countered with unlocked backstabs. Never underestimate the reach of the Claymore. Oftentimes, it is possible to position oneself to be just out of range of an opponent's attack, unbeknownst to them, and swing as he or she does, resulting in Direct Hit damage.
  • Moon Crescent Axe - Compared to its cousin, the Great Axe, it is usually incapable of breaking Second Chance in two hits, though it does possess much greater range. It is often said that the Crescent Axe is the useless no man's weapon, halfway between the range of the Meat Cleaver and the damage of the Great Axe. Whether its hybrid nature is a blight or a boon is ultimately the wielder's decision.
  • Moon Great Axe - Capable of outright killing most Phantoms in three fell swoops, hardly any un-buffed weapon is capable of matching or surpassing its damage output. Though it is plagued by short range, the two-handed rolling attack's area of effect is fairly large, and the animation is instantaneous.
  • Moon Great Sword - One of the only weapons able to equal the Great Axe in damage, it is surprisingly tricky to fight and to use considering its contrasting sluggishness. The one-handed and two-handed rolling attacks, dashing attacks, along with the one-handed heavy attack and the two-handed regular attack are usually what compose the repertoire of most Great Sword wielders. Delays and burst speed both contribute to its tricky play style.
  • Moon Kilij
  • Moon Knight Sword
  • Moon Uchigatana

Primary Left Hand

  • Insanity Catalyst
  • Talisman of Beasts

Secondary Right Hand

  • Kris Blade

Secondary Left Hand

  • Adjudicator's Shield
  • Dark Silver Shield
  • Knight Shield
  • Moon Uchigatana
  • Morion Blade

Recommended spells/miracles


  • Fire Spray - Though the damage dealt is low, the potential to keep the opponent under constant pressure is invaluable. It typically forces reckless charges or forward roll spams, making an ensuing pivot backstab or quick-cast Fireball exceptionally easy to land. Additionally, it is ideal for wiling away the last sliver of an opponent's HP.
  • Fireball - With great damage and splash range, this Spell is almost mandatory. It has all the qualities of an ideal wake-up attack: vast range, high damage, reliability, and a tendency to punish rolling backstab attempts. Fireball is typically cast unlocked to make most of the splash range, or to block the foe's vision as one fires off a quick-cast Soul Ray.
  • Homing Soul Arrow - A direct hit can be even more devastating than Firestorm. The orbs generated by this Spell fire individually. If two break the foe's guard, the remaining three with hit for damage. If four break Second Chance, the last will hit after Second Chance breaks. It is the only Spell with this valuable ability, though many sets find little room for it. The main problem is landing it. The time between the actual cast and the moment the orbs fire is enough to give any opponent adequate time to react. Because of this, Homing Soul Arrow is best combined with other attacks that punish rolling, such as the repeated unchained R1 of the Mirdan Hammer or a correctly timed dashing attack from the Uchigatana.
  • Ignite - Lethally instantaneous, Ignite is usually used by spell-casters who possess no other melee potential. For this reason, it is not as imperative that it be used; however, it is always ferociously unpredictable and punishing.
  • Soul Ray - High speed and minor tracking ability are what make this a useful tool. It can also catch an opponent attempting to heal. Swift transitions between melee and magic are most noticeable in Soul Ray. It is most effectively cast as the foe begins backing off after a melee encounter.


  • Second Chance - There is just simply no such thing as serious PvP without it.

Gameplay tips and progression

More will be added soon.


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