Dark Royal
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Build summary Dark outfitted royal with heavy hitting strength
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty;Soldier
Recommended Soul Level 60

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 16
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 23
Strength 30
Dexterity 15
Magic 18
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Left Hand#1-Large Brushwood Shield

Left Hand#2-Insanity Catalyst

Right Hand#1-Scraping Spear

Right Hand#2-Cresent Uchigatana+5

Armor-Gloom Set

Rings (Body)-Fragrant Ring; Ring of Magical Sharpness

Rings(Soul)-Fragrant Ring; Cling Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

World 1-Homing Soul Arrow, Warding, Death Cloud

World 2-Soul Ray, Water Veil, Cursed Weapon

World 3-Cloak, Warding, Demon's Prank

World 4-Warding, Cursed Weapon, Soulsucker

World 5-Warding, Fire Storm, Cursed Weapon

Final Area-Warding, Cursed Weapon, Homing Soul Arrow

Gameplay tips and progression

Try to work on you strength,dexterity, and endurance first as that might be a bit of an issue later. After that try to get as much of the equipment as you can. This character might take a while but if you ply it right it is worth it


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