Keek's SL 15 Destroyer
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Build summary Used for CO-OP and Invasions at Any stage
Recommended starting class(es) Priest
Recommended Soul Level 15

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 17
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 16
Strength 14
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment


Right hand 1: Dragon Claymore +5
Right hand 2: -

Left hand 1: Adjuticator Shield +5
Left hand 2: -

(I prefer to play as a woman, cos if I'm going to be playing this game for hours may as well stare at an ass I like)

Will be listning my preference

Female Armor:

Head: Pimp Hat
Armor: Rogue's Clothes
Hands: Rogue's Gloves
Boots: Rogue's Boots

Soul Form:

Ring slot 1: Cling Ring
Ring slot 2: Eternal Warrior's Ring/ Ring of Regeneration

Recommended spells/miracles

—- None used

Gameplay tips and progression

This will be a guide for progression and getting the weapons, armor is up to you.

Start off doing the Tutorial if you wish makes no diffrence just you can start off with +1 on weapons

Go kill Phalanx (1-1)
Head to Phalanx Archstone (1-2) and progress through the tunnel towards the Tower Knight when underground go talk to the Dreggling Merchant, purchase a Claymore now go and upgrade it to +3 prior to making it into a Dragon Claymore

Go to Shrine of Storms (4-1) Progress through the waves of unforgiving enemies till you find the Adjuticator Shield and kill the Adjuticator if you want, again makes no diffrence

Go to Stonefang Mines (2-1) Progress through and activate the shortcut from the start, and talk to the Blacksmith a few times till you exhaust his dialogue, now carry on and kill Armor Spider

Go to Armor Spider Archstone (2-2) progress through and find the 2 pairs of Black Phantom NPC's and collect your much needed Black Eye Stone, then carry on back to the start and use the shortcut down to the boss floor, kill him as you like

Take the Red Hot Demon's Soul to the Blacksmith in Stonefang Mines (2-1) Give him the soul

Go to Flamelurker's Archstone (2-3) Kill the Dragon God and collect the Pure Dragonstone

Now its time for farming

All of your Dragonstones will be found in 2-2

Dragonstone farming page
You will need a total of
34 Shard of Dragonstone (Farmed off all Bearbugs)
12 Chunks of Dragonstone (Farmed off Large Bearbugs (ones that explode))
1 Pure Dragonstone (Dragon God garenteed drop)

Colourless Demon's Souls farming page
You will need
5 Colourless Demon's Souls to upgrade your Adjuticator Shield to +5


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