The Ninja SL 62
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Build summary Not necessarily a build. More of a state of mind and strategy.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 62

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 20
Strength 18
Dexterity 40
Magic 10
Faith 13
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

When it comes to the recommended equipment for this setup only 2 things are absolutely necessary, and those 2 things are a +5 fatal weapon
and a wooden/silver catalyst. The rest is up to you. For your secondary left hand you should use any shield of your preference that can parry, excepting the dark silver shield. The reason for this being that while the dark silver shield does indeed block 100% magical damage, it lets off a very noticeable glow, thereby defeating the purpose behind the whole thing. I meanly use a knights shield if i NEED to block a hit (IE tight area, opponent has a mirdan hammer/claymore).
However there will always come a time when you fight someone with an insanity catalyst in one hand a moonlight sword in the other. In cases such as pure magic users, the use of the DSS is acceptable albeit switching to your catalyst when stealth remains a necessity.
An issue that i would like to address is the use of the thief ring. The use of this ring is still technically optional as the cloak spell (which will be your primary tool) overrides the stealth from the ring, therefore you could in theory simply be on the ball with your casting, memorizing the exact amount of stealth left et cetera et cetera. Even through this though, there will at one point be a moment where you will be stalking a lonely player and your stealth will expire and of course he will turn around and shred you to pieces. The ring provides 2 distinct advantages for you, the first being an almost necessity when it comes to this builds tactics of stalking prey, is the ability to tail your target at mid range to see their run route or bolt hole but we will talk about that in the game play section. The 2nd, is the ability to not have to keep track of your cloak duration, while this may not seem like much, it is an immense difference. Without the thief ring, if you cant find suitable cover to recast stealth the target sees you. If you miscount the target sees you. If you are tailing/fighting a target you could lose count. All in all, just take the thief ring. It WILL make your life much easier.
When it comes to gear, its all aesthetics really. I take the black set as it is the most "ninja-esque" looking armor. And finally the secondary right hand. Also all preference, currently i take a +5 hiltless while carrying sticky white stuff, the AR is approx. 470 if im not mistaken, 480 two handed, enough to 2-3 ko everyone around town, it however should only be used in dire circumstances as the +5 fatal is ALWAYS a 1 hit backstab/parry with this build at this level. Always.

Recommended spells/miracles

Cloak: that`s all there is to it. If you`re not going to use cloak, delete char. It should be casted when entering a match and whenever its off cooldown. It allows you to stray within about 3-4 feet of a target and to them it will look as nothing is there. I dont even need to say anything else.

Demons Prank: trolololo

Gameplay tips and progression

Okay. Wall~o~text time. first things first, regarding game progression, generally you should beat 1-1 and 1-2 ( you will have to go back after anyway)
, soul level yourself up, defeat 5-1 5-2 and 5-3, then 2-1 2-2 and 1-3. 2-2 can be left out if you so choose. for 1-3, 2-1 and 2-2 you will probably have to summon phantoms to help you as this is an excellent pvp build but poor pve build. This stems from the fact that you do 1100+ criticals but 50- normal hits, unless you have a decent secondary as i did. Also before we move on to the gameplay tactics one last thing: if you do not know the stockpile thomas duplication glitch, learn it. It is extremely easy, can be done offline and uses drastically less time farming for resources (to paint a picture, 20 seconds as opposed to 3 days) .

Warning: there will no longer be wall-o-texts from this point. The pvp strategies will be broken down by a headline usually explaining what the prey is doing. The text that follows is quickest course to the clean demise of the host, often with minimal combat. Remember this build is hugely different from all other builds in that this builds game plan is setting up a kill, not winning a fight.

First off are general rules.

The 5 second rule: in any direct confrontation with hostile players, you hold the advantage for the first 5 seconds, due to the fact that the host will be surprised by the randomly materializing player in front of him and your instant kill backstabs. After 5 seconds however the shock will wear off and with your measly 500 health you will be at a gross disadvantage. But this build focuses on the moment where youre success chances are 80% or greater, not vice versa. So as soon as you can see the host/phantom regain his composure, bolt. Seriously. If you have cloak up just run through a hallway and turn a sudden corner. He will run right past and you may be able to backstab him. Generally however, just try to get out of harms way.

Secondly, this is an INVASION build. the negligible decrease in health is nothing compared to the benefits of being able to safely heal and rebuff amongst mobs, zone hosts with them, or if the host is being cheap, backstab him while hes fighting.

Now for the 2 types of the players you will face.

Guys who want to finish the level and the guys who are pvp ready. We will the cover the 2nd type first, as they are significantly more threatening.

They are either

Waiting at the spawn: 2 options here, if he buffs backstab him. Game over. If he is fully buffed already, 2 options, bum rush him and try to BS, or try to escape into stealth. I generally choose the 2nd option depending on the opponents weaponry (LW BBS, mirdan hammer, cursed DBS, highly effective pvp weapons that are buffed/have magic damage, go for option 2.) from then on treat it like a normal fight.

They have a buffed uber weapon: (dragon bone smasher, blueblood sword, any weapon known for overuse and imbalanced effectiveness)
if they catch you, you die. Simple. However fighting them is relatively easy, tail them and BS as they buff.

They have phantoms: this makes things alot more interesting, however there are tactics. The major rule is: target the host, but dont be afraid to kill phantoms. if you see say phantom A and the host vault off a ledge, but phantom B is lagging behind, run up and kill him, 1 less threat.


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