Holy Warrior
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Build summary A casual Priest build mainly for PvE
Recommended starting class(es) Priest
Recommended Soul Level 60+

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality **+
Will/Intelligence 18+
Endurance 20+
Strength 20
Dexterity 24+
Magic **
Faith 30+
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Istarele
  • Old King's Armor set
  • Lava Bow
  • White Bow
  • Talisman of God
  • Dark Heater Shield +5
  • Ring of Sincere Prayer / Thief's ring
  • Ring of Great Strength / Eternal Warrior's ring
Recommended spells/miracles
  • God's Wrath
  • Heal
  • (when possible add) Second Chance
  • (if you have extra space) Anti-Magic Field
Gameplay tips and progression

First off this is not a serious build and you will probably get killed by people who really know what they're doing. Secondly as stated this is not mainly a PvP build as such even if they DON'T know what they're doing you'll probably need an ambush to win. Lastly keep God's wrath as a last resort against many, weaker enemies, slow, strong enemies, and as your ambush. I have both the Lava Bow and The White bow there so mainly the lava bow to be used, but at extreme range or if they are very fire resistant use the White Bow.
PVP Tips
First off see if the opponent has the Blind or Large Sword of Moonlight. They don't then good if they do don't even try the shield. Second see if they're a mage. If so, then you'll need to keep in close range. you may wish to cast Anti-magic field so you won't get Firestormed. if they neither use Blind or the Large sword of moonlight keep your shield up and only jab in counters. Put your shield down whenever they back away to let their stamina recharge. When your health gets low run away as if you are trying to heal. You must have the ring of Sincere prayer on if this is to work. Begin to cast God's wrath once you are significantly away, but ONLY if your Foe ISN'T a mage. They sould charge thinking you are trying to heal, but get hit by God's Wrath. Two-Hand your spear to finish them. Also two hand it from the start if the have Blind or LArge Sword of Moonlight


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