Hero of Time
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Build summary A fun, lightweight build where you play as Link from Nintendo's "Ocarina of Time."
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer or any Sword+Shield Class/Magician
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20
Will/Intelligence 25
Endurance 12
Strength 18
Dexterity 25
Magic 18
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment

When you first start your journey: (Just starting)

*Soldier's Shield/Wooden Shield/Heater Shield
*Short Sword/Long Sword (can be blessed later)
*Cling Ring (interchangeable)
*Ring of Herculean Strength (interchangeable)
*Leather Armor
*Hard Leather Boots
*Plate Gauntlets

A little later on your quest: (I've killed an archdemon or two…)

*Compound Long Bow/White Bow (4-1 or 4-2)
*LOTS of Heavy Arrows (maybe 300 or so…)
*Knight's Shield (If you can't get one, use an upgraded Heater Shield)
*Wooden Catalyst/Silver Catalyst

Once you're slaying demons left and right: (Bring it ON!)

*Talisman of Beasts (for Evacuate)
*Dark Silver Shield (affects your magic a bit)
*Ring of Magical Nature
*Brushwood Gauntlets (just because you can)
*Chain Mail (a little heavier than leather)
*Venerable Sage's Hood (If you want a pointy hat)

Recommended spells/miracles

*Firestorm Spell (Dragon Demon's Soul)
*Warding Spell (Iron Demon's Soul)
*Evacuate Miracle (20k Souls)

Gameplay tips and progression

First things first. This a lightweight build. If at any time you find your character slowing down due to equipment burden, JACK UP YOUR STAMINA. Also, be sure to dump off ANY and ALL unwanted items at Stockpile Thomas.

Okay. You're first priority is getting a one-handed straight sword. You can buy one from the Dregling in 1-1, or from Boldwin in the Nexus.

Next, you need a small shield. You can keep the one you have, or buy the Heater Shield. Braver souls can farm the blue knight in the beginning and middle of 1-1 to get the Knight's Shield.

Don't forget to grab the Cling Ring and get the Herculean Strength ring from Thomas.

Go ahead and defeat Phalanx and run ahead to the long bridge. Stop by each tower and get a Wooden Catalyst and a Compound Short Bow. This will be your temporary ranged equipment.

Head back to the Nexus, buy some arrows, and head to 2-1. Kill lots of miners until you get to the halfway point where you can open up Ed's forge. Feel free to upgrade your stuff, then head for the Armor Spider. Kill the Armor Spider with your arrows, and if you're up for it, go ahead and kill some more miners here. Make sure you run into Patches, the Hyena along the way. If you feel REALLY brave, take on the Flamelurker, get his soul, and go straight to the Dragon God from there, because the Dragon God is mainly a puzzle, and not so much a fight.

If you left at the Armor Spider archstone, that's fine too, just level up a bit and go take care of Stonefang Mine. Don't forget to find Patches. The Flamelurker will be your toughest battle, so equip fire resistance and be very dodgy. Once he's dead, use his soul however you like, and go take on the Dragon God.

Once the Dragon God is dead, take his soul and head back to the Nexus. Make sure to drop off any Stones/Equipment you came across, level up, but keep the Dragon's soul, and head for 3-1. Breeze through the prison using stealth or ranged attacks, run up the tower, run along the path, grab the Silver Catalyst, run back down, deactivate the arrow machine, run up the other tower, run along the path, grab the Special Key, kill the worshipper, run back down, and go free Sage Freke.

Go back to the Nexus and buy lots of heavy arrows. Kill the dragon in 1-2 and after that, go kill the Tower Knight. After that, go back to the Nexus, learn Warding from Freke, and head back to 1-3. Use Warding often in this section, as there are lots of red knights. Kill the Fat Officials along the way and go save (Biorr and) Yuria. (see the wiki for the side quest)

Head back to the Nexus and use the Dragon's soul to learn the Firestorm spell. Now go to 4-1, burn the skeletons with your new spell, and grab the Compound Long Bow atop the castle walls. Plug the Vanguard full of arrows, take his soul, get back to the area that had two archers firing at you from the wall. If you head toward the broken tower with the Copper Key, you can roll off the side and land right next to the Regenerator's Ring. This also puts you extremely close to the Adjudicator. Follow the path and take care of the Black Skeleton in front of the fog door. Head into the Adjudicator's room and kill him quickly any way you wish.

Grab his soul and head back to the Nexus, then head to Stonefang. Upgrade your bow to +5 or Sticky +5 and farm the Reaper in 4-2 for souls (use heavy arrows sold by Patches.) Do some quick level-ups and go save Saint Urbain from Patches' trap behind the Reaper room.

Go to the Nexus. Go back to 2-2, get PBWT, and go kill Black Phantom Scirvir. You will get the Talisman of Beasts as your reward.

Go back to the Nexus one more time, learn Evacuate from Urbain, and presto!

You now have a great lightweight magic-melee-ranged class!

After this is all said and done, you can go anywhere you want. No challenge should be too tough for you. If it is, just Evacuate, level up, and go back.

To be clear, your load-out should be:

Left Primary - Small Shield
Left Secondary - Compound Long Bow
Right Primary - Straight Sword
Right Secondary - Talisman of Beasts

Feel free to interchange some of your armor, just make sure you stay nimble, and you should be fine.


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