The Destroyer Build
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Build summary Destroys Black Phantoms like their nothing its a difficult build but still i like it
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight, Soldier or Knight
Recommended Soul Level 200 or over as long as its not a 100 or anything

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 60
Will/Intelligence 55
Endurance 60
Strength 70
Dexterity 40
Magic 45
Faith 40
Luck 50
Recommended equipment
  • Equip A

Tower Shield, Dragon bone smasher and Dark Silver armour,silver catalyst and a tailsman of gods…….or feel free to use any other weapon just the Tower Shield and DBS go well together in my opinion

Recommended spells/miracles
  • Spell A

Cursed weapon,Soul ray,Gods wrath,Second Chance,Soul sucker and Acid cloud….that is my personal opinion anyway you can choose whichever spells or miracles you want

Gameplay tips and progression

Make sure you have the Ring of great strength if you choose to use the DBS,Dark Silver Armour and Tower Shield of course The Destroyer Build goes well with all weapons but if you want to get the most out of the build I'd suggest the DBS or the Dozer Axe….


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