Lvl 60 troll
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Build summary Trolling with the meat cleaver
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty or temple knight
Recommended Soul Level 60

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20/20
Will/Intelligence 14/14
Endurance 15/20
Strength 18/30
Dexterity 30/16
Magic 18/**
Faith 16/24
Luck 10/10
Recommended equipment

Left side variant Right side variant
Right hand main Right hand main
• meat cleaver • meat cleaver
Right hand secondary Right hand secondary
• blind +5 • istarelle
• sticky compound long bow +5. • lava bow
Left hand main Left hand main
• Adjucticater shield +5 • knight shield +10 or DSS
Left hand secondary Left hand secondary
• Wooden catalyst • talisman of beast

Armor for both variants
Unisex light ( head silver coronet, rest black set )
Unisex heavy ( head silver coronet or gloom helmet, rest gloom set )
Male light ( head silver coronet, rest venerable sage set )
Male heavy ( head silver coronet or dark silver helm, rest dark silver set )
Female light ( head silver coronet rest, rouge set )
Female heavy ( head silver coronet or dull gold helm, rest dull gold set )

Rings for both variants
Body foe's ring or friends ring and thief ring
Soul foe's ring, friend's ring or thief ring and cling ring

Recommended spells/miracles

Left side variant Right side variant

Spells Spells
Light magic weapon • warding
• Death cloud • death cloud
• Soul ray
• Enchant weapon
Miricles Miracles
Wrath of god • wrath of god
Evacuate • heal
Heal • antidote or cure
• evacuate

Gameplay tips and progression

Can be made into a lvl 125 build
Vitality 40/45
Intelligence /
Endurance 30/30
Strength 26/40
Dexterity 40/24
Magic 31/
Faith **/31
Luck **/


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