Evasive Temple Knight
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Build summary Just a basic build for heavy plated Temple Knights.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight (but should work for others..I think)
Recommended Soul Level 275+

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality <70
Will/Intelligence 20
Endurance <65
Strength <70
Dexterity 60
Magic 20
Faith 25>
Luck 35>
Recommended equipment

There's really no recommended sets, but if you wear sets like Brushwood and the like then you'll be able to roll normally by a guess. (Not entirely sure it works for Brushwood..). You might, might not, need a Ring of Great Strength. If not, then I'll advice getting Endurance up..

Just a basic setup.
RH1: Bramd/DBS
RH2: empty/bow
LH1: Shield/catalyst/ToG/B
LH2: Catalyst/ToG/B
*Gloom Helmet
*Gloom Armor
*Gloom Gauntlets
*Gloom Leggings

Recommended spells/miracles

Go with whatever you want.

But if you use the spells/miracles, I'd suggest raising the corresponding skill for them..

Gameplay tips and progression

Um… This overall, just allows the person to be able to roll/dodge with weapons like Bramd and DBS. It's worked for me in full Gloom and Bramd..

But might not be for everyone…since.. I don't think most people can get to 275 with minimal NG+(so on)..


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