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Build summary A powerful PVP focused mage that relies on cloak, backstabbing, melee skills, and cunning.
Recommended starting class(es) Royal
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence 35
Endurance 26-30
Strength 18
Dexterity **
Magic 35-40
Faith 18?
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Head- Silver Circlet

Armor- Any that does not impede stamina regen and allows you to run/roll fast (e.g.- black leather, Binded set)

Weapon 1- Crescent Kilij +5

Weapon 2- Fatal Estoc +5

Shield- Knight's Shield +10, Rune Shield +5

Left hand- Talisman of Beasts

Ring 1- Thief's ring, Cling Ring Foe's/ Friend's Ring if you are brave)

Ring 2- Graverobber's ring (when defending)

Recommended spells/miracles

Cloak (a MUST for invading)
Plague Cloud
Homing Soul Arrow
Firestorm (good to have, but second priority to above spells)

Second Chance
Hidden Soul (if you intend to farm Black Phantoms using Shadowmage techniques you will need this miracle for complete invisiblity)

Gameplay tips and progression

This is my favorite build for PVP. I invade, immediately cast cloak, then I find my target and assess the situation (e.g. what sort of build I am up against,how many blue phantoms…). Patience is essential. You want to try and position yourself in a hard to see spot that your target will pass by (e.g. behind a corner, in the shadows). Once you are behind them, target lock, rush in, and backstab, followed immediately by Plague Cloud. After that, switch to your shield and your kilij, then run and and take a few slashes. If your victim is alone s/he will probably panic and try and run away and heal (good luck finding that Widow's Lotus while dodging my kilij!). When they run away, try and get in a backstab. If they want to fight you at close range, raise your shield and attack when their stamina is spent. Homing Soul Arrow is great at keeping attackers away and will likely finish them off if all the arrows connect .

Before you first attack it is important to re-cast cloak once it wears off! You can tell when it wears off because if you have your catalyst equipped and the cloak spell selected, it will glow when it is ready for use again. Make sure run away a little from your target before casting the spell as they might hear the sound.

The most ideal situation is to catch your target unaware with a well-placed backstab that sends them off a cliff or something to their hilarious death. I have done this on several occaisions in Stonefang 2-1. When a player sees that you have invaded they will usually come back to the archstone to face you. However, with your cloak applied they won't be able to see anything! Their confusion and fear will quickly rise, making them skittish as they realize they are being hunted by an invisible foe!

Lastly, DO NOT USE REGEN EQUIPMENT (e.g. Adjudicator's Shield, Fragrant Ring, ect.) as a Shadowmage because the blue, green, or gold aura will be visible to your enemies DESPITE your cloak! This is the ulitmate noob thing to do.


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