Become Immortal
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Build summary You will die only if you want to.
Recommended starting class(es) Any class is acceptable.
Recommended Soul Level 1

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 35
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 25
Strength 36
Dexterity 24
Magic 24
Faith 24
Luck 30
Recommended equipment

*You can use any armor you like if can still be able to make a fast roll.

*Right-hand1- Blueblood Sword: this is the best weapon by far, if you raise Strength, Dexterity, Magic, Faith and even luck will improve it's power. It's is a straight sword, it's very fast, long and have a long range piercing attack.

*Right-hand2 - Lava Bow: as well as the White Bow it's a very strong bow but it fire arrows that burn enemies, stunning them for a longer time, it have better durability than White Bow but loses in fire range.

*Left-hand1- Knight's Shield: is the best parry shield because it have the best guard break reduction

*Left-hand2 - Talisman of Beasts: with this item you can cast spells and miracles

*Rings: 1- any of your desire.
2- Regenerator's Ring: it will continuously heal you, good for saving some herbs and will slow the poison, bleeding and plague rate of effect.

*Any arrow is acceptable if you as long as you have around 300 of them.

*You need at least Late Moon Grass, Full Moon Grass and Fresh/Old Spice in your hand

Recommended spells/miracles

*You only need four powers.

*Light Weapon: this power will triplicate Blueblood Sword attack.

*Firestorm: it's the strongest power, it can kill a boss with three or two casts

*Evacuete: it will return you to nexus with all your souls and without a Archstone.

*Second Chance: it will revive you if you die by any accident, its like have double the life, it doesn't effect world or soul tendency

Gameplay tips and progression

*Rolling is the most important thing in this build.
*Many enemies and bosses are easily killed with the bow, at long range and rolling at right time you won't take damage.
*Keep any bow you find at first.
*Keep playing the game normaly upgrading Vitality to level 20 and Endurance to level 25.
*Keep playing the game normaly and upgrade Strength to level 20 and Dexterity to lvl 24, now you can wield the White Bow.
*Kill Flamelurker at 2-2 and take his soul (Red Hot Demon's soul) to Blacksmith Ed at 2-1.
*Now you should ugrade Magic to level 18 and Faith to 24, now you can wield Blueblood Sword.
*After you kill Maiden Astraea take her soul (Pureblood Demon's Soul) to Blacksmith Ed as well as a Broken Sword, then you will be able to forge Blueblood Sword.
*Now save Saint Urbain at 4-2 and Sage Frake at 3-1, they will teach you powers, remember: Light Weapon, Firestorm, Evacuete and Second Chance.
*Now you only need too take Intelligence to level 30 then you will have 200 points of Magic Power and four slots of spell memory so you can use Firestorm and Light Weapon.
*You should raise your luck to level 30 so Blueblood Sword will become even stronger, the strongest in the game.

Now you are immortal, if you raise your stats to the numbers I put on "Recommended stats" you will be able to wield any weapon and you will become the perfect worrior.


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