Makoto master
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Build summary High challenge PvE and low level PvP
Recommended starting class(es) Female Temple Knight or Knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality **
Will/Intelligence 11
Endurance **
Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Magic **
Faith 10
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Magic Sword Makoto +5
Adjudicators shield +5
Silver Catalyst
Silver Coronet (hotswapped)
Talisman of God
Rogue's Clothes
Rogue's Gloves
Rogue's Boots
Ring of Devout Prayer
Three-cornered Hat

Recommended spells/miracles

One-time Revival

Gameplay tips and progression

Once complete, the object of the build is to use the silver catalyst and coronet to boost max MP high enough to cast One-time Revival, which is only memorizable thanks to the Ring of Devout prayer. Once cast, Makoto is wielded in two hands with Adjudicator's Shield offsetting the HP drain. The player will need to master switching between 2 handed Attack, and 1 handed defense. Rogues clothes and the Three-cornered Hat are simply worn as the best defense without either increasing a stat or sacrificing movement. The second ring slot can be anything, according to circumstance and play style.

The majority of the required equipment of this build is found in world 4-x, which makes it a natural choice for starting. The player will have to defete the first two bosses of this world without much assistance, and being very careful to achieve a pure-white tendency for Makoto.

The next step is to find The Ring of devout Prayer, silver catalyst, and silver coronet. Combined, the three will allow this build to cast one-time revival, effectively giving the one hit wonder a second hit point.

After one-time revival is usable and Makoto and its matching shield are gained, the next step is to upgrade them with colorless souls. This build requires a bit of luck, in that all 10 colorless souls need to be found in New-Game. Assuming the player can even complete new game at this low soul level, the Flame Lurker in newgame+ is one of this build's greatest challenges.

Last and least important is the armor. Again, rogue's clothes are used only because they provide the best defensive option with very low attributes. Specifically, they provide a high magic defense for light armor, and your shield will not protect you very well from magic so you will need it. They also provide a not-insignificant amount of regular defenses. Prior to finding this particular armor set however, virtually any other wearable set will do.

With this build, one must remember that Magic Sword Makoto has no gain from attributes. Its relative effectiveness is higher the lower your character's soul level, which is both the inspiration and center of this build. Also note Makoto's best usage. When playing this build, one will especially appreciate the thrusting attack after running or back-stepping, as this attack does piercing damage and allows the player to easily dispatch heavily armored opponents.


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