Demonic Fun
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Build summary
Recommended starting class(es) any
Recommended Soul Level 0

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality ** or 40
Will/Intelligence ** or 40 or 99
Endurance ** or 40
Strength ** or 99
Dexterity ** or 99
Magic ** or 99
Faith ** or 99
Luck -1 and lower
Recommended equipment

left hand
1. 000Buckler +5 (this buckler has a 75% hitres)
2. Crushing Silver Catalyst +5 (at max magic the spell assist is 500, who needs hypermode for firespray with this equipped)

right hand
1. Blueblood Sword
2. Talisman of God / Crushing Great Club +5 (at max strength the attack rating is 637 ouch poor pancake) / your choice

Body: Eternal Warrior Ring and Ring of Sincere Prayer or your choice
Soul: Cling ring and Eternal or friend or foe depending on if you coop or pvp

getting luck into the negative will nuke your physical defense so if that worries you go full brushwood otherwise use binded for female or old king for male to ensure the best stamina regen

Recommended spells/miracles

1. firespray
2. homing soul arrow
3. soul ray
4. fireball
(5. for fun I add demon's prank when I use the ring of a magical nature)

1. god's wrath
2. second chance
(3. evacuate for farming souls and you don't feel like walking to the nearest archstone)

Gameplay tips and progression

Learn how to pivot cast and toggle cast. Pivot cast will allow you to shoot your spells faster and the toggle cast can instant cast some things for you like firespray instant casting hsa or if you have a talisman in the right hand fireball to god's wrath instant cast. Learn how to counter or dominate any enemy with a straight sword.

The reason for the negative luck stat is to turn the blueblood sword into an instant kill weapon. Every move the sword has will kill including the push so think of it as a permanently buffed sword.

The great club has a benefit over the other hammers and axes. It actually uses less stamina granted it is not much of a decrease, but if you like using the giant hammer R1 R1 R1 combo you can roll right as it finishes or hit R1 or R2 for extra damage.

Any class works for this but maybe royal would be best since you start off with the base silver catalyst and a base buckler plus the rapier style is fun at least for me to start off with.

I say recommended soul level of 0 because it is kinda funny seeing your soul level that low and if you want to have max stats your luck will need to be -613 which I dont suggest getting max stats far too tedious. You will want to reach the requirement to use the catalyst effectively. Luckly not meeting the required stats for the Blueblood Sword will not diminish damage. When you equip the sword the AR should be showing a negative computation error number namely that 2147483647 number. When you attack an enemy you will not see a damage number and sometimes the health bar doesn't even appear, but you will notice they will die. For the love of god do not have this equipped when you walk up to Stockpile Thomas because if for some reason you used push you will kill him.

Hold off on getting god's wrath on your first play through so you can get the fireball spell from freke. HSA will require beating world 3, if you are new to the game I suggest playing offline so it will be a quicker arch demon fight.

Lastly good luck with getting the negative luck once you reach minus one it will be easier to lower it farther and if you want to raise it back up you can just buy the levels back.


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