SL70 Spellsword
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Build summary Flexible/Versatile BBS variant
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 70

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 20
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 18
Faith 18
Luck 20
Recommended equipment

SL70 so you can fight more people. This build is mainly for invasion fun since most people nowadays play between 60-100 but is really good too for PvE.

What I'm listing is just what I've tried. There's so much versatility to this BBS build that you can mix and match and still make it work due to the high dmg+buff of the sword as well as your Talisman of Beasts(miracles/spells) and your near-evenly spread stats which make you not soft/easy to one-shot. I prefer 2nd chance vs str/faith builds to make up for the low vit but even without it, proper use of the damage from spells and the BBS is synonymous with "the best defense is a good offense".

Right Hand:
1-Blue Blood Sword
2-Kris+5/Meat Cleaver for fun XD or anything
Left Hand:
1-Adjudicator's Shield+5/Dark Silver Shield+5/ or anything
2-Talisman of Beasts

Equip Set:
Thief(Assassin's Mask, Black Leather, Black Gloves, Black Boots) for max stamina regen/speed without compromising defense too much and helps with Thief's ring disappearing from lockon while unleashing spells on opponents. (Or whatever set you want to use so long as you can roll fast and your stamina regen is good)

*These are all inter-switchable depending on what you feel like using or with your style of gameplay if you want to run miracles/spells/sneak around/blindrush so use any combination in slots one or two*

1-Regenerator's Ring/Magical Nature(+1 spell capacity bringing your total to 4 from 3 with 18 int)/Eternal Warrior's Ring/Ring of Devout Prayer/Sincere Prayer/Thief's Ring/Foe's Ring
2-Ring of Magical Sharpness/Ring of Magical Dullness

Dark Moon Grass
Old Spice
Sticky White Stuff/Whatever weapon buff consumable you want

Recommended spells/miracles

You can get creative with this part. Whichever spell/miracle/ring combo works for you. With the given stats you have 3 spell slots and 2 miracle slots so you have loads to choose from. Will just list what works for me but really you can use whatever you deem most beneficiary.

1-Firespray/Soul Ray+Ignite/Fireball

2-(with Ring of Magical Nature+1)

->(Firespray+Soulray) or Homing Soul Arrow or Light Weapon or Warding/+Ignite/Fireball

->Curse weapon with or without increased spell capacity



Second Chance/Wrath of God/Banish(PvE)/Anti-Magic Field or Regeneration+Evacuate/Hidden Soul. If you decide to use Ring of Devout/Sincere Prayer.

Gameplay tips and progression

Really just boils down to you having fun and how well you use what you have. A buffed BBS will always either be your main assault plan or backup safety net should your spells fail you in any way.

1) Firespray/Soul Ray+Ignite+/Second Chance/Anti-Magic Field/God's Wrath

Style 1(Spell beatdown)-Cast Second Chance/Anti-Magic Field, use Old Spice(you only have 119 mp), switch R hand to Kris and start unleashing Firespray/Soul Arrow. Keep the pressure on if they don't have high Faith or Dark Silver Shield/etc. they should be taking 15-50 damage per fireball, if they get close light 'em up with Ignite which should do 300-550dmg. If you can't kill them with Kris+Ring of Magical Sharpness buffed spells then you can always switch to BBS use Sticky White Stuff and meet them head on alternating between slashing and the Ignite spell.

Style 2(Rushdown)-Cast Second Chance/Anti-Magic Field, Old Spice, Sticky White Stuff on BBS, start chasing/clash with R1 slashes on the R hand and Ignite in the left.

*In both instances if you ever decide you're low on hp and just want to jog to circle your opponent or switch up your fighting style/buy some time/play defensively, the Adjudicator's Shield and Regenerator's Ring should be healing you for 12hp/sec or 15.39hp/sec with Regeneration Active in Soul Form since your total HP is 339(1/2 of the total).*

2) Firespray/Firestorm or Fireball/Ignite+Regenerate/Evacuate/Hidden Soul

Style 1(Firespray/storm)-Pressure with Firespray and Firestorm when they get close with Kris in R hand.
Style 2 (Fireball/Ignite)-Pressure/time Fireballs/Ignite them when they come close.

*BBS them if it becomes more of a melee battle. BBS even without any buffs with the given stats is 311 total dmg but use it in conjunction with your spells to ensure a kill. BBS slashing+Ignite or Firestorm/Fireball will do wonders but then again you can use other spells like Homing Soul Arrow/Soul Ray etc. whatever floats your boat.

*Evacuate if you don't want to lose, Hidden soul/Thief's Ring if you want to have an edge casting spells disappearing from lockon every now and then.

*God's Wrath if you want to play ultra aggressively without any safety buffs whatsoever and just time it right or use it behind walls since it does go through

*Anti-Magic Field+Warding if you want to play turtle or go rambo.

*Mix and match rings and items depending on how you want to play your game. Dark Silver Shield+Ring of Magical Dullness, switch out Kris for Meat Cleaver if you want to be an anti-mage…mage…XD.

—Just mess around and jumble and see what spell/miracle/ring/secondary weapon(DO NOT REPLACE TOB or BBS anything else goes) setup works best for you and your playstyle and enjoy! :)


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