God Knight
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Build summary A very durable and versatile faith build that effectively uses heavy armor. (SL 188)
Recommended starting class(es) Starting Classes: Knight, Temple Knight, or Priest.
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 65
Will/Intelligence 18(3 spell slots)
Endurance 60(no need to use ring of GS to roll)
Strength 30
Dexterity 18(Lava Bow+ Isarelle)
Magic 10 (Warding)
Faith 60
Luck **
Recommended equipment


  • Dark Silver Set: highest magic defense of all armors
  • Fluted Set: lightest of the heavier armors. Looks good with knight's sword/shield ^_^
  • Mirdan Set: slightly more physical protection than the 1st two armors listed
  • Full Brushwood Set(Including Shield):Quick Rolls still happen with the Ring of GS
  • Ancient King's Set: No stamina penalty. Relatively Light.

I didn't put Gloom because it doesn't fit with the God Knight theme ^_^. It is the same wieght as fluted but has poison and plaugue resistence. Also these are just some sets that I mess around with. Pick whatever Combinations you like best.


  • Dark Silver Shield: best choice for PvP
  • Knight's Shield: solid hit resistence of 78 while still being able to parry
  • Brushwood Shield: useful in world 2 because of 100% fire block
  • Tower Shield: best shield available for blocking, Looks Awesome
  • Adjuctacator's Shield: simply for Health Regeneration


  • Blessed Great Axe: My favorite weapon, Hyper-Armor ability and hits very hard
  • Blessed Knight's Sword: Good stunlock, Two handed R2 sweeps can be powerful
  • Blessed Mirdan Hammer: Good for breaking guards, Watch out for parries
  • Blessed Claymore: Incredible range. Solid Damage. Solid Speed. Solid Weapon
  • Blessed Great Sword: Hits the Hardest out of all listed. Difficult to use in PvP
  • Istarelle: Best spear available with these stats. Scales with an S in Faith


  • Eternal Warrior's Ring: is vital if you use Brushwood
  • Regenerater's Ring: stacks with other HP regenerating equipment
  • Cling Ring: should be used in soul form
Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles and Spells

  • Rage of God: sometimes can hit after a backstab
  • Second Chance: should be used at all times unless you would prefer warding
  • Anti-Magic Field: shouldn't be used online
  • Warding: good for PvP and boss fights
  • Poison Cloud: cuts healing grasses in half

A Talisman of Beasts is nice to have in PvP. For instance, If you want to cast Second Chance and Poison cloud with having both a catalyst and Talisman of God. Rage of God, or any healing miracles should be cast with a Talisman of God

Gameplay tips and progression


  • May need ring of Great Strength early in the game for rolling
  • Many players can dupe blessed weapons to you unless you want to make them yourself
  • For further progression put points towards Dexterity, The MC becomes a great weapon

Soul Farming Walkthrough

  • The 4-3 archstone method and the soulsuck method to aquire souls

1. 4-3 archstone method-to do this you will need the spell soulsuck and evacuate. You will be required to have Pure Black World tendency in the 4th archstone. Wear armor that brings your equip. burden above 50% and put on a thiefs ring. This will keep the skeltons from attacking you.Watch this video to see how to do the farming. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pta-P8Tgm18

2. Soulsuck method. Find a friend who has a red eye stone and summon him. Make sure he is close to your level. Here's the jist of how it works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91YT4VVzUkQ

3.The weapons/spells/armor that are listed can be researched on the wiki, PM me or add my PSN if you need any more help.


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