Turtle Plan
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Build summary This Build is meant for FUN for use in PVP.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight Class
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 40
Strength 16
Dexterity 40
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Dark Silver Shield+5
  • Sharp Spiked Shield +5
  • Brushwood Armor
  • Eternal Warrior's Ring
  • Regenerator's Ring or Ring of Magical Dullness or Dull Rat's Ring
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Warding
Gameplay tips and progression

This build is pretty much starts off like a Dex build. But when PVPing you change into a turtle. Armored, Slow, and blunt. There will be some Levels remaining before 120. You can decide to put them into Vitality for more HP, Magic for better Warding defense, Intelligence for an extra magic slot for Soul ray if you want (you won't be doing much damage), or Dex (which I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend because it wouldn't give you much more damage) The Dark Silver Shield is off hand, and the Spiked shield is your main weapon. 2 hand the Spiked shield and put the Dark Silver Shield on your back. (The dark silver shield is to protect you from magic attacks) You may use the Dark Silver Shield to block and the Spiked Shield to attack with, but then it wouldn't be called a the Turtle plan no more. (No shell on your back). Rings are for your choice. If you wish to regenerate hp, then do so. Magical ring of Dullness is so you can protect your self even more from magic attacks, and Dull Rat's ring to increase your defense as a last stand. Your attack style is completely up to you, you can choose to straight up defend your self and then bash away at your opponent when they are out of stamina (not really recommended since the Spiked shield's hitres is only 45), Back step Charge attacks (press circle without touching the analog stick to take a step back and then pressing R1 to charge forward and bash your enemy), or constantly charge attacks (R2). The point of using shields is cause it's unexpected and fun, because seriously, think about, have you heard anything like this?? If you went into PVP with a shield when no one has encountered it before, you might have the upper hand.

Spiked Shield - There is a spiked shield in 1-2, on the bridge. Kill the Dragon first then proceed to get it. I recommend using the DBS to kill the dragon, it's faster and less resource consuming. Stand next to the pile of burnt bodies as you reach the starting of the bridge, (be sure not to right up against the side) and as the Dragon is about to cry out to attack, swing your DBS with R2, 2 handing it. If your in the right spot you can hit it's tail.

Dark Silver Shield - Pretty easy to get. When fighting Garl, I find the easily way to beat him without poison cloud, or disease cloud, is to Pushlock him (Forward + R1) Practice doing Forward + R1 to the point where you can execute it flawlessly, so you don't get smacked by Garl. When you feel comfortable enough, run up to him and push him then hack away at him with a quick attacking weapon, and roll back before you run out of stamina. Since he attacks slowly, you can always push him before he attacks. DO NOT HESITATE!!! I can not tell you how many times I hesitated and got smacked and died.

Brushwood Armor - Is located in 1 -1 where Miralda is. You need Pure white world or Pure black world (I highly recommend you avoid fighting her Black phantom so use Pure white world) tendency. Fight Miralda or pull her away from the entrance and then run to the ladder and begin climbing down. Miralda MIGHT jump off when your climbing down, saving you from needing to kill her. Grab the Brushwood armor and leave. NOTE: Be sure to have ROOM for Brushwood for it weighs 45 weight.

Eternal Warrior's Ring - Is with Old King Doran, who is located in 1-1 as well. You will need the Key from Ostrava's corpse to reach Old King Doran. The easiest way I find to kill Old King Doran is to use the back stab glitch. (This build is for fun so no point getting all serious about, so glitch) Have the thief's ring equipped in case this fails. Right as you open the door. Run behind Doran and start back stabbing him, he will just repeat him self and never becoming hostile. If you do make him hostile, as in hacking him instead of back stab or glitch failing, Immediately fall back and hide. This is where the thief's ring kicks in. Doran will turn around and being to run back. Be should to unequip heavy armor so you can roll. Jog, NOT RUN, behind Doran and back stab him, then run away till he turns around and walks back again. Repeat til dead.

Regenerator's Ring - is in 4-1, Go up the gate where the first fog gate is, up the stairs, kill the enemies, continue forward and stop at the stairs, turn right and use the shortcut by rolling off the wood and onto the bricks. Fall down and grab ring. If you have completed 4-1, then go to 4-2, defeat the Black phantom and go get the Regenerator's Ring.

Ring of Magical Dullness - Is on top of the first fog gate in 5-1.

Dull Rat's Ring - is in 3-1 in front of the Arrow spamming machine. Turn it off and go retrieve it.

Catalyst - There is a wooden Catalyst on top of the first tower in 1-2, it's near the archers.

If one wants MORE HITRES, then use a Knight's Shield +10, It does about 50 less base damage, and can be found in 1-4, dropped by knights in 1-1, or bought from the Dregling Merchant.


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