Wayfaring Stranger
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Build summary The building blocks for any successful and versatile pvp/pve build
Recommended starting class(es) Knight, Soldier, Royal
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 20
Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Magic 10
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment


18 strength and 16 dexterity are a great base for using a wide array of weapons in Demon's Souls. 18 strength is enough for you to use all of the smaller weapons and a lot of the large weapons in the game like the great axe/sword, but you will only be able to two hand the larger weapons (which is how they are most often used anyways), and you will only be able to 2 hand the weapons that require 26 str or less. 16 dexterity is enough for a compound short bow and the parrying dagger, shotel, etc. You will have access to atleast one weapon of every type, allowing you to experiment and find what works best for you.


This base in stats also allows you to use all but 4 of the shields in the game. Until you have decided on a build, you will have access to enough shields to experiment with all the different playstyles, and you will have access to the two most used shields in the game (the knight's shield and dark silver shield)

Rings: The Cling Ring, since you should be playing in soul form at all times (see character tendency). Your second ring should be situation specific (use the thief's ring for sneaking, mp regen ring for magic, etc…)

Armor: Whatever works for you. You have enough equippable weight to wear just about any combination of armor/weapons in the game. With heavier weapons, you might want to consider wearing lighter armor so your stamina regens quicker, and you will still be able to roll. If you like the heavy armor turtle playstyle, you will be able to do that as well, but until you up your equippable weight you will have to be weary of your stamina, and your rolling won't be nearly as effective (This is a completely acceptable and effective playstyle though)

Recommended spells/miracles

18 will and 16 faith give you access to 3 magic slots and 2 miracle slots, making it the most economical investment of soul levels for spells. Your magic won't be very powerful at a level of 10, but its the minimum to use magic, and will be enough when magic is beneficial. 18 will will also give you enough mana to use every spell in the game, and enough slots to memorize every spell in the game, although you will be limited on how many spells you can have memorized at one time.

You will be able to use Firestorm or God's Wrath on your first playthrough which are the only 2 major aoe spells in the game. However, I do not recommend puchasing either spell until you are sure how you want to invest soul levels into magic and faith, as you will probably only end up using one or the other.

The really usefull spells you should get during your first playthrough are:

Magic: Soul Arrow, Flame Toss, Soul Ray and Warding
Faith: Second Chance, Evacuate.

Learning these spells either cost souls or cost a Demon's Soul that aren't used for anything else (the execption being Warding, which you lose the ability to make a large sword of searching on your first playthough which isn't a big trade off since Warding is a lot more useful). These spells are the bread and butter of Demon's Souls' spells and will make your character very very flexible.

Gameplay tips and progression

I spent hours upon hours mulling over stats, items, weapons, spells, etc. trying to figure out how to level up my first character without wasting points until I had decided the path I wanted to take. After Leveling 2 characters, I can safely say this is the best route to go until you have found what you really like doing in the game. Your Character won't be particularly strong, but they will be flexible.

The most important part of this build is that none of the stats will have been wasted once you decide what direction you want to take your build. Every build in the game is achievable with this base, and with the exception of EXTREMELY pure builds (which you shouldn't attempt on your first character), EVERY point will help you in high end pvp. Having access to Magic and Miracles is essential for pve and pvp even if you are a melee character. If you want to be a caster, you still need to use weapons and you will have access to the majority of them right off the bat.

As far as leveling goes, The first stat you will want to level up is Vitality so you have some breathing room with survivability. After Vitality, go in any direction you want. You will most likely want to level a mix of strength and dexterity so you can use the weapons you start picking up in the game, and make sure your magic is at 10 so you can start playing around with spells. If you reach the end of this build and still aren't sure what you want to do, but you need to spend soul levels in the meantime, put your points into Vitality and Endurance. 40 Vitality is widely considered to be the standard for pvp in the higher soul levels, and 30 Endurance is about as low as most pvp builds will go. Every build will require you to have more Vitality and Endurance than I have listed here, so its the safest way to spend your points until you have decided on a build.

After that, you can choose an of the build listed here, as this is just meant to be a stepping stone, or you can create your own build from scratch, going in any direction you want. You can also use a lot of the leveling guides other builds suggest, since the base stats here will work for the first 20-30 soul levels of just about all the builds on this wiki.

As far as the starting classes go, I chose classes that had a low soul level, low luck, and demonstrated the 3 major playstyles in the game. Any starting class can achieve this build, but these three will be able to take advantage of it sooner than later. Luck is a stat only used for one weapon, and for item drops, making it the least suitable stat unless you want to use that weapon, so it saves you soul levels by having lower luck. Start with any of the 3 classes you like. A Knight is a more defensive class with a strong weapon, a Royal is a caster that comes with a mp regen ring and a nice headpiece for more starting int., and the soldier is just a good all around choice if you have no idea or preference. You aren't locked into any of the 3 starting class' playstytles (or any class for that matter. You can take a Royal and make it a strength based melee fighter with this build or vice versa.

This build is essentially a clean slate, a pure starter build for anything you want to do.


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