The Zulu
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Build summary Don't read this if you are a noob
Recommended starting class(es) Royal
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 39
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic dump
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Crescent Flachion +5

Cling Ring

No armor.

No grass.

Recommended spells/miracles


Gameplay tips and progression

Okay, the first time I put this up it was kind of a joke build… but its the build I have been using since I started playing DS. I have never played any other build and so I know this one inside and out. It may seem like a very simple build in terms of structure, but since the structure is so simple it requires a lot of compensation in terms of proper game play versus each type of opponent. It requires fast reflexes and patience, careful study of your opponent while dodging attacks will allow you to approach closely for proper attacks. I understand that most of you use S/C and probably depend on it. The reason why this build does not include S/C or Warding is because the focus is on taking as little damage as possible, meaning you will have to learn how to dodge each and every type of weapon. Every weapon is dodge-able, and every build is approachable(Approachable, meaning you can get close without getting hit). It is not obvious at first how to approach any weapon and that is why you must be careful and defensive until you get comfortable. You will also learn that every weapon has a different time gap from when they can do damage and when they cant do damage. Your falchion will have natural advantages and disadvantages, simply study the weapons you face and give more attention to those that give you more trouble. Try and take notice of the intervals (damage/no damage) and organize those intervals into a pattern from witch you can chose the right time to approach. The general rule is: The longer the interval is, the more swings you can take before you roll away. It is possible that you may only be able to take 1 swing at a time, its okay to take your time in a fight, no one is going to hate you for taking forever to kill them… well maybe… although certain builds that use regeneration with short interval weapons are tricky, there is a way around them, but that is for you to find out… :D good luck fellaz!

If you have any questions just send me a message on PSN. my PSNID is Qudshu.
(there's a lot more, I don't feel like writing a novel about it.)


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