Character Classes

Starting Stats


  • The starting Class in Demon's Souls is not a straitjacket. The term used in the character creation is "Origin", and determines the initial attribute allocations (starting stats), the starting Soul Level, and the initial equipment.
  • You can eventually upgrade your stats in such a way that you are able to use any type of weapon, armor, or magic, but this will be many hours into your first character. Go with a character that has stats and equipment that lean naturally towards how you are interested in playing right from the beginning of the game and upgrade your stats to support that role.
  • All classes have the exact same stats and can do the exact same things at maximum Soul Level (712). However, if the player loses a level, his or her class determines the order of the stats he or she will lose each time. This may affect gameplay in different ways if soulsucked in PvP or PvE according to each class, although the difference in the effects for each class is extremely minor in such a case. For example: A Lv712 Knight will first lose "Luck" if soulsucked, while a "Magician" will first lose "Faith". For more info, see the delevelling page.
  • Each "Origin" starts with 80 points total in stats plus the equivalent of their Soul level in extra pre-allocated stat increases to get the starting stats and starting soul level you see in the above chart.

    For example, Royalty starts with 81 total stat points, a Knight with 84 total stat points, and a Thief with 89 total stat points. The Royalty origin starts at soul level 1 with less total stats, but pays the minimum soul cost to increase them. Meanwhile, if one starts the game as a Thief one begins the game at soul level 9, but to raise ones stats up one point costs about four times as much as that of the Royalty origin.
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