Cleaning Up

Help keep this Wiki tidy!

Pages tagged for clean-up require one of the following:

  • Links to other pages need to be setup.
  • Re-wording of available information to make more sense and better reading.
    • Asian names, should be removed and replaced with the Atlus (North American) version of the game.
    • Wiki pages should be devoid of acronyms, where possible. If there are any in the page, please expand them to their full unabridged version.
  • Formatting of available information.
    • Before you do, please refer to other pages of the same category to see if any available template has been used.
  • If you see any missing information, please fill them in if you can.
  • Try to avoid and remove first person narrative usage. Second person narrative should be used whenever possible, and third person narrative should be used when warranted.
    • Example: 'I was able to kill monster by using a sword' should be changed to 'You can kill this monster by using this sword'
    • See more information on grammatical person at Wikipedia.
  • Please avoid the use of colloquialism's. Examples of which would be "Y'all; Youse; gonna; wanna; shoulda; etc."
  • Please avoid the use of slang which also includes terms such: camped, one shot or one shotted, etc.
  • All links should be in the form of three left brackets, the page name you are linking to, a space, then a pipe (|) symbol, then a space, and last three right brackets. See below for an example. This format means the name of the link on the page matches the title of the linked page. Therefore, should the need arise in the future, if we change the title of a page, all the links associated with it update to the new title text. This saves a lot of administrative work.

Link format examples

Any page within the wiki has an address that looks like this:
[[[Page Name]]]
The link and the link's text are the same.

[[[Freke]]] gives Freke

[[[page-name | ]]]
Title of the page is automatically inserted.

[[[freke | ]]] gives Sage Freke, the Visionary ( | is a "pipe" symbol and can usually be found above the enter key. It is not an uppercase i)

[[[page-name | custom title]]]
The link is added to "custom title".\ ( | is a "pipe" symbol and can usually be found above the enter key. It is not an uppercase i)

[[[freke | Sage Freke]]] gives Sage Freke ( | is a "pipe" symbol and can usually be found above the enter key. It is not an uppercase i)

Pages that need cleaning

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