Cursed Weapon
cursing a weapon
cursing a weapon

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In-Game Description

Spell from the Demon Penetrator's Soul
Strengthens and curses right-hand weapon. (Used with catalyst in left hand.)
Symbolizes the huge sword wielded by Penetrator, which has cut down many warriors who attempted to slay the demon.

General Information

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Weapon Buff Spell 100 60 Seconds 3 Magic Slots Yuria, the Witch Silver Demon's Soul


  • Boosts right-hand weapon's Physical damage by 50%
    This means that the total damage inflicted on an enemy/player per hit with your Curse Weapon enchanted right-hand weapon is multiplied by 1.5 after calculation versus your opponent's defenses.
    For example, your weapon has 400 Attack Rating and is enchanted with Curse Weapon. If you hit an opponent, that 400 Attack Rating is calculated against their defense in this fictional situation, causing you to deal 320 damage.
    The Curse Weapon bonus is then applied, increasing that 320 damage to 480.
  • Drains HP at 1% Max HP per second
    The HP drain is around 3 HP per second in Body Form with 50 Vit, 2 HP per second in Soul Form with the Cling Ring and 1 HP per second when cast with a "cracked catalyst" i.e. Talisman Of Beasts without meeting the requirements of 18 Faith or 18 Magic or both.

(Shouldn't it be 15 HP per second in Body form? 1% out of 1500 hp is 15, not 3)
(^ that guy's right, 1% of 1500 is 15. In Soul Form with Cling Ring it would be 11.25, and without Cling Ring it would be 7.5)
(^^ I think they're referring to the fact that using a "cracked catalyst" reduces the hp drain, though they weren't too clear about it)

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