Dark Moon Grass
dark moon grass consumed


In-Game Descripton

A Medical herb named for the lunar phase.
Completely restores the user's HP and fully heals status ailments.

The effect of moon herbs changes according to the condition they're in.
Dark Moon herbs are rare, midnight blossoms that are said to be derived from New Moon herbs.

Weight: 0.1


Recovers health entirely and cures bleeding, poison and plague status effects


Location Cost Amount Comment
Nexus 10000
5 When three Archdemons have been destroyed in a playthrough, Patches sells Dark Moon Grass.
There is a purchase limit of five per playthrough for this vendor
1-2 reward 3 Speak to Ostrava on the Tower Knight side of the grate (point 6 on the map).
First, you will need to deal with the gauntlet of crossbowmen that guard him in the tunnel
3-2 treasure 2 Approaching the second chain tower, just after you leave the centipede infested walkway, near the fog gate
4-1 Pure Mercurystone 10 Trade one Pure Mercurystone with Sparkly the Crow to obtain ten Dark Moon Grass.
NB. A single instance of an item can be traded with the crow per playthrough
5-2 10000
3 Buy from the Filthy Woman.
There is a purchase limit of three per playthrough for this vendor
5-2 treasure 1 Head left from the first large island you come across in the swamp (point 5 on the map)
5-2 treasure 1 After the first fog, drop into the swamp and bear right from the island with the Thief's Ring
5-2 treasure 4 In the swamp below the shantytown, near to the boss fog. Two lots of two Dark Moon Grass
5-2 treasure 2 In the Dirty Colossus arena, near to the entrance
5-2 Crest of Vinland 1 Conditional Selen Vinland (read footnotes) trade
drop usually
Rare drop2 from regular enemies throughout the game. Depraved Ones in 5-1 for example
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