Delevelling is the act of lowering the soul level of a character.
This can be deliberately employed to manipulate characteristics.

  • The only way to delevel a character's stats is to decrease the overall Soul Level, and then build back the relevant stats, as desired.
  • The stat that loses a point when de-leveling is whichever stat has the largest difference over the starting stat for that class of character
    • If there is more then one stat with the same difference from the starting stat, they will decrease in the order in which they are listed
  • The vitality stat cannot be lowered.
For example

A Knight with 15 Strength and 10 Luck will lose 2 points of Luck before losing any Strength since his Strength is only 1 point above the starting Strength while his Luck is 3 points above the starting Luck for that class. Also if the knight has a another stat such as magic that is also 3 points above, the magic will decrease before the luck because it is higher up on the descending stat list.
There is absolutely no way to purposefully delevel a specific stat. Also, there is no way to delevel a character's stats below the starting levels for that character's class.


Delevel as a Black Phantom

Using the environment to suicide

A fatal fall in a host world will mean a return to your world and drop your soul level by one.

Exiting a host world

Using the White Eye Stone to exit a host world will drop your soul level by one.

Banished by host

If the host casts the Banish miracle and your character is within range, you will return to your world in soul form and lose one soul level.

False King soulsuck

The False King has a unique soulsuck, used when you are in close proximity to him. If this attack strikes, it will lower your soul level by one. His soulsuck and subsequent attack does heavy damage, but if you have enough health you can lure the King into repeatedly lowering your soul level. This method is usually employed as a last resort, when the ability to invade another world is not available ie. Offline mode or high/desolate soul level ranges

Soulsucker spell

Soul Sucking to delevel your character breaks down like this:

  1. Prepare by duping some Beast Demons Souls to level back up with.
  2. Summon a phantom using a Red Eye Stone who is in your Soul Level range and has the Soulsucker available. A Blue Phantom will not work for this as Soulsucker is an offensive spell and Blue Phantoms cannot 'harm' Hosts.
  3. The caster must stand within arms length of the host and cast the spell once for every level drained.

note - Vitality cannot be de-leveled. Any points you have sunk into Vitality, you are stuck with permanently. So, you can be brought down to the base stats for your chosen starting class bar whatever points you have put into Vitality. The caster will receive an amount of Souls per casting that is equal to however many Souls you had to spend to gain that Soul Level.

Mephistopheles soulsuck

Mephistopheles can be persuaded to soulsuck if you become hostile towards her. She can soulsuck a player up to 4 times in battle. Reloading a profile will reset her standing position but not her attitude, so any remaining quests will be unavailable until the next play through as she will remain hostile towards you. In the remake, you can fix this via the statue in the Nexus, similarly to other more modern Soulsborne titles.

When she pulls out her wand, keep your shield on her left shoulder. She will either dodge or strafe. If she dodges walk up and place your shield on her left shoulder again. If she strafes she is going to cast soul suck. If she leads you out on the edge by the staircases, back off. Let her follow you back into the upstairs room. She may roll/dodge from the ledge all the way down to the nexus ground floor. This will certainly kill her for the game cycle

Asian version glitch

There was a glitch in the original Asian releases (Japan, China, and Korea) of the game that allowed stat levels to go as low as -99, but this has since been patched. The most current Asian patch (Patch 1.04) and the initial North American (Atlus) release have fixed the glitch.

By exploiting this glitch, a player could create a character with otherwise normal stats, but with a Luck stat of -99, giving the player an unfair advantage online, specifically in the way of PvP mismatches. For example, a Magician starts off at Soul Level 6, with a Luck stat of 11. With a Luck of -99, that Magician could level up to an actual Soul Level 116, but appear to the servers as a character of only Soul Level 6.

At the other end of the spectrum, an otherwise Soul Level 712 character with a Luck of -99 would appear to the servers as a Soul Level 514 character. This information is being posted here as a warning/explanation to those playing on the Asian servers. If another player's character seems far too strong for your character's Soul Level's range restriction, it's possible that the player has exploited this glitch.

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