Demon's Prank
demon's prank
casting Demon's Prank

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In-Game Description

Support Spell
Generates a loud sound in a far-off place.
It has little direct effect, so the caster must think creatively to make effective use of it.

General Information

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Distraction Spell 4 n/a 1 Magic Slot Freke's Apprentice
Sage Freke
500 Souls


  • Makes a laughing sound at spell landing point.
  • Nearby enemies who are not aware of the player will turn towards the noise.
  • Generally credited as being useless, this spell can actually be helpful early on in the game.
    For example, casting it while locked on to a black skeleton who has already initiated combat will cause it to turn and attack empty space, meaning that you can very easily achieve a backstab.
  • Another useful function of the Demon's Prank is during the Old Hero boss fight in World 4-2. Because the Old Hero is blind, he responds to noise, so casting the Demon's Prank in an area away from you will attract the Old Hero.
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